We should welcome the Jews

We should welcome the Jews

Referring to Jews are welcome in India, THI, 5th, Dec2018 I am reminded of Tagore None shall be turned away from this vast sea shore of humanity, that ...

Referring to: "Jews are welcome in India", (THI, 5th, Dec.2018) I am reminded of Tagore. "None shall be turned away from this vast sea shore of humanity, that is India." Krishna Rao, gratefully cites the example of the Parsis. As promised to the King in Gujarat, they remain, inseparable with the mass like the milk and sugar. Not only Tatas and Godrejs, salutary influence of the community is impressive in all fields of public activity; jurists, Industrialists and businessmen, teachers/professors, scientists, statesmen, etc.

Now turning to the Jews, they were perhaps the earliest migrants to Indian West Coast. As the author says, they made settlements at Cochin and Bombay. After they came to India, the Christian Missionaries and the Muslim Mullahs, who are at times, justifiably suspected as threats to peace and tranquility. Rohingyas' entry is detested only on this ground.

Though the Parsis have not assimilated with the local society, there is no history of their indulging in conversions or any other anti-social activities. There is no instance of the Jews' involvement in Anti-national activities in any country. On the other hand, they have been loyal to the salt they eat. Yet it is not understandable as to why the cult of Hitler is continuing to haunt them. But for them, the Western World would have not have been, what it is today!! I agree with the author. Why not India, welcome the Jews to make best out of the bad bargain by the other countries?

- K C Kalkura, Kurnool

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