Overhaul the education system

Overhaul the education system

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu rightly expressed concern over discernible flaws in our educational system which needs to be revamped to call it real...

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu rightly expressed concern over discernible flaws in our educational system which needs to be revamped to call it real education and to acquire global standards.(VP stresses need to bridge urban rural divide in education- THI, February 4).

In many ways , quality education helps people to equip themselves with character, knowledge and economic independence to face the odds of life courageously and confidently and to build a Nation of peace, prosperity, brotherhood and harmony with equal respect to every religion, language, region and culture.

Sadly, we have disastrously failed to promote an educational system that produces balanced citizens who are fearless and determined to take the nation to greater heights by taking the hurdles, failures and challenges of life with undying spirit.

I commend the speech of VP where he has elaborately dealt the importance of education to eradicate rural backwardness and moral degradation by focussing on efficacious and value based learning. No doubt, both knowledge and integrity are crucial for anybody to effectively contribute to the prosperity of the society and country but Knowledge without integrity is dangerous and integrity without knowledge is futile.

Curiously, knowledge doesn't mean scoring marks in examinations by memorising the things available in books. Real knowledge means analytical ability, innovative ideas, creative thinking and mature vision towards society and fellow citizens . Obviously, our educational system and examination pattern should be overhauled to enable younger minds to acquire this type of real knowledge that makes them to think independently in order to effectively guide the nation to a bright destiny.

It is wrong to assume that a person with knowledge, character and ethics is perfect in every way. Crucial in this regard are ability to face failures boldly and honesty to draw lessons from them. Most importantly, our universities need to educate the students about complexities of human life where every moment is a challenge. For everybody, life doesn't always come in the way expected and planned by him/her.

Even people with outstanding talent and achievements to their credit have to face multiple failures, constant criticism, discouraging atmosphere and daunting problems in their life. Academic curriculum should also teach students how to deal with failures of life so that many suicides of youngsters may be avoided.

Students need to to be aware that life offers numerous options to establish themselves and to prove their talent. Ending life is meaningless if a person fails in a particular field when umpteen number of options are available to try his/her luck again and again in some other field and succeed ultimately. It is important to have a goal in life. It is also important to treat failures as part and parcel of life to achieve the goal.

A nation and a society with inclusiveness in all aspects and without a divide on the basis of urban-rural, gender, religion, language, culture, region can be built only with a flawless and comprehensive educational system that empowers every citizen to play a vital and responsible role in right direction.

- Narne Raveendra Babu, Hyderabad

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