Target Smriti- Why this Kolaveri Di?

Target Smriti- Why this Kolaveri Di?

Target Smriti Irani- Why This Kolaveri Di. No sooner was BJP’s plum candidate bestowed with the Ministry of Human Resource Development as the Modi rule came to power, the firecrackers started whizzing around about Smriti Irani’s background.

No sooner was BJP’s plum candidate bestowed with the Ministry of Human Resource Development as the Modi rule came to power, the firecrackers started whizzing around about Smriti Irani’s background, the education and the plausible outcome of making the once ‘Bahu’ of the TV screen responsible with central governance. The commendable effort from Irani while contesting for Bharatiya Janata Party giving goose bumps to the likes of Rahul Gandhi from the Amethi constituency in Uttar Pradesh in this year’s Lok Sabha Elections were well recognized and appreciated. This was a huge achievement considering the lineage and the following Congress party has in that region. Smriti managed to outshine with her pleasing personality, winning accolades from all groups. Shri NarendraModi gave Irani her due credits by awarding the Human resources after sweeping the Nation with majority win.

Smriti Irani

The controversies sparked off soon after, protesting about the credibility of Smriti’s education. While it was declared that she possessed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2004 Elections, Irani’s form in 2014 showed Bachelor of Commerce – Part I, School of Open Learning (Correspondence) from University of Delhi in the Class of 1994. There was an uproar in the conflict of declaration, exposing the ideal on screen Daughter-In-Law to the real world of ugly sarcasm and distaste. While this is a fresh perspective to look at things, with or sans the ‘paid’ sources from the opposition or media, there lies an undeniable debate about the political candidates in Indian Democracy – how many have really ‘passed’ out from colleges with a decent degree, after all?

The academic background of many of the political crusaders has been questionable de facto. Starting from the honorific ‘Sadhvi’ of BJP, Uma Bharti who shook the opposition right from the days of Vajpayee’s government to the Anna Dorais and KamrajNadars, we have seen personal struggle outplay the basis of education. While Bharti had the education only till sixth standard, AIADMK honcho Jayalalithaa is known to have discontinued her education after schooling to enter the filmdom. This never rattled the once gorgeous diva to transcend over the masses winning their hearts as an able politician.

There are the likes of Rabri Devi, who was literally dragged into the political drama thanks to her husband Laloo Prasad Yadav. Rabri who is uneducated with no former schooling went on to become the Chief Minister of Bihar. She is also a member of Bihar Legislative Council representing Rashtriya Janata Dal. Phoolan Devi the ex decoit joined the Samajwai Party and became a member of parliament from Mirzapur, before getting gunned down by an assassin. Actor turned politician Vijayakanth won the Tamil Nadu assemble elections in 2011. He too, is a school dropout. Golma Devi, Karunanidhi, VatalNagraj and Jaffer Sharif are some more such examples.

The list is endless showcasing some fine personas without great degrees attached, taking the reins to thrive for a better country standing from different facets of the political jamboree.

Coming back to the victimized Bahu, it remains to be seen if target Smriti is just an outburst for media rage or the advent of new thinking from the masses.

As once quoted by Bill Gates, “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others”

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