AAP –the ‘animalcule’ born to kill itself

AAP –the ‘animalcule’ born to kill itself

The recommendation of Election Commission to President of India requesting to disqualify 20 MLA’s APP in fact has come as belated Makar Sankranti...

The recommendation of Election Commission to President of India requesting to disqualify 20 MLA’s APP in fact has come as belated Makar Sankranti sweet to India. Those who watch closely the political maturity and behaviour of APP and more so of its tallest leader – the shoot and scoot hero – Arvind Kejariwal everyone in India would admit that APP deserve more than this.

People are only surprised by the fact that the decision has come rather too late.

Thanks to Anna, the hero of AAP has emerged as another embodiment of Anna and captured the dream and imagination of people of the country. It is always said that the absolute power would cause absolute chaos and misery and AAP has proven the above as absolute truth that it is not just a quotable quote.

If anyone who carefully reviews the fault lines of AAP, especially of its hero, would say that AAP only has crafted its destruction and not BJP or Congress. The shoot and scoot hero from the beginning has been peddling soft against congress and went hard and aggressive towards BJP and Narendra Modi.

For every problem starting from the gastritis suffered by the Macho hero to Delhi weather… the hero had only one reason to cite that is Modi. Such bizarre positioning has created severe confusion among people and the first one being whether APP is plan B of congress and is that the reason why AAP peddles soft with congress and if so, then what about its integrity against corruption. To authenticate all the above doubts, several facts also got emerged from the cupboard of AAP in the form of allegations of fraudulent acts of some of its MLA’s. In all such situations, the supreme hero of AAP chose to practice deafening silence, indifference and intolerance even to listens to all such charges.

Instead, the hero had started to make all kinds of allegations against select politicians, abused the office of lieutenant Governor, demeans the credibility of Election Commission, ridiculed Prime Minister of India and questioned the credibility & capability of our defense force and the surgical strike against militants etc. Further the hero also questioned the efforts of Modiji to prevent corruption like demonetization, introduction of GST etc. He never realized that he was putting his hands into the gutter to gather dirt and filth to throw at people is dirtying his hands as well.

Street drama, causing noise pollution, spitting nonsense in public space constantly were the governance techniques the hero has followed. Not to see such theatrics and stage managed shows, people of Delhi had elected him, but such sense of responsibility the hero appeared to have neither realized nor recognized.

To get the attention in prime time news everyday the hero has started to associate him with every action of those who oppose Modiji starting from the anti-national gesture by some neo-liberals in JNU to Rahit Bemula suicide making his identity and trade mark as mere bete noire of Modiji.

Those who simply oppose Modiji due to the dynastic reasons are kept away from power by people because people have realized the fact that those pessimists are not fit to rule India. The hero of APP walked straight into the trap at his own expense but he blames others for his fall.

The hero is like the Biblical Devil, “the Devil quoting scriptures from the Bible” as far as corruption and scams are concerned. But the hero followed a strange path i.e., his party and its men are always perfect and only others who oppose him or disagree him are scamsters, corrupts and unworthy. This might have been the core reason why he has removed Professor Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan and others from his party. The tactically attempt to in-signify Kumar vishwas also has to been seen through such optics.

It looks like AAP was born more to destroy itself than corruption or nepotism. In every cell and the genetic material of AAP, it looks like, the allegations of corruption and scams are present in abundance.

The hero might have nurtured the desire that he wants to be like Modiji so instead of studying Modiji and acquire such leadership qualities, he has started to oppose him thinking that people would therefore equate him with Modiji as the only alternative.

Imagine if a candle light fights against the luminescence of sun thinking it to be also equal to Sun, God alone can save the poor APP and the candle light.

Today APP stands as an ‘animalcule’ due to its unpredictable character filled with selfishness, self interest, greed, lust, obsession and infatuation for power along with arrogance and intoxication.

If any humility and grace is left in AAP, it must accept the verdict of EC and must come to people’s court for justice. People have already decided to sterilize Indian politics to get rid of the contaminating animalcule - AAP.

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