Hang Jagan: Anam

Hang Jagan: Anam

FM calls YSR's son 'robber, mugger, murderer' YSR responsible for all corruption, wrong doings As he is no more, his son should be held...

  • FM calls YSR's son "robber, mugger, murderer"
  • YSR responsible for all corruption, wrong doings
  • As he is no more, his son should be held accountable
  • Jagan made use of his father's position to make thousands of crores

Nellore: A usually restrained Finance Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy lost his cool on Friday and spat fire at YS Rajasekhara Reddy's family, particularly Jaganmohan Reddy. A Once known as one of the staunchest loyalists of Rajasekhara Reddy, Anam made serious remarks against Jaganmohan Reddy, his mother Vijayamma and sister Sharmila.

"Jagan should be hanged," was the demand from the minister at a media briefing after holding a meeting with Congress party workers at Indira Bhavan here. "He (Jagan) is a robber, mugger and a murderer also. The media and the people should question him on his actions," he said. He also demanded that the YS family members must be banished from the state.

Media persons were asking Anam about Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy being charge-sheeted by the CBI and wondering if she would be asked to quit. Leaving everyone present nonplussed, Anam flew into a rage and launched his sternest vitriol against YSR's family members.

"Jaganmohan Reddy illegally made thousands of crores, utilising his father's position as the State Chief Minister. He amassed a huge wealth through various means other than fair. After the demise of Rajasekhara Reddy, his family members have lost all morality and also any right to stake claim to power," he said.

"Jaganmohan Reddy and his family members should be banished from Andhra Pradesh. He has turned even the Chanchalguda prison into his party office and is resorting to mean politics. He thinks none but they should be in power. His mother Vijayamma is making trips to Delhi to secure his release, while his sister is going into gullies across the State to garner support for him.

Such a shameless family should be expelled from the State", the Finance Minister added. Ramanarayana Reddy called upon the party workers to teach a befitting lesson to Jagan for "trying to come to power by misleading the people."

He argued that the CBI had not levelled any charges against Sabitha Indra Reddy. He advised the media people that they should leave people like Sabitha and go after Jagan who was named as a corrupt person by the CBI.

According to him, it is natural for any minister to sign on any file as directed by the Chief Minister. "Mere signing of files cannot make a criminal out of a minister. Even I signed files coming from the CMO, having reposed a strong faith in the CM's (Rajasekhara Reddy) leadership. If you refuse to sign on the files, you will have to quit the council of ministers," he explained.

Anam said in the conclusion, "If at all there is someone to explain corruption, wrong doings in the state, that would be Y S Rajasekhara Reddy. Since he is no more, Jagan who made use of his father's position should be held accountable for them all."

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