Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

It is the time we must reflect the mythological narratives around Syamantaka in Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata.  

Syamantaka is a jewel belonged to Sun which he had gifted to Satrajit, a Yadava nobleman, and devotee of Sun.  It is believed that the jewel shall preserve all the goodness of the land and its prosperity and therefore the jewel needs to be preserved.   

Later Satrajit gifted Syamantaka to his brother Prasen who was also the ruler of Yadava. Ever since Prasen received the gift started to wear it.  Once he went to the forest for hunting and got killed by a lion and the lion took away his jewel. Since neither Prasen returned nor anyone could find the precious jewel, everyone had started to blame and accuse Krishna of saying he only would have killed Prasen for Syamantaka. Most of those who blamed Krisha was jealous of Krisha due to his godliness and purpose of incarnation – establishment of truth, dharma, and justice.   

But later it was found that Prasen was killed by a lion and later Jambavan has killed the lion and took possession of the jewel.  Krishna fought with Jambavan and the fight had lasted for 28 days and then recovered the jewel proving to all his critics how mean all those people were in blaming him without any shred of evidence and substance.

The street display of the in-fights in the top judiciary in India by 4 senior judges indeed has pained every citizen of the land.  Their resentments whether they are legitimate reasons or are perceived subjective blemishes should not have been brought to the bazaar.  Such an act has certainly defamed the reputation of India at international level. 

All the judges are also equally responsibly and dutiful to guard and elevate the dignity and respect of the land along with upholding justice and fairness. Many other options the judges could have explored to solve the issue rather than making their resentment in public by making entire judiciary under suspect and anguish. 

Most painful and disgusting feature of the sordid episode is the politics played by some opposition parties. It is clear that why such party has shrunk to two digit number in parliament from the stature of rulers of the country for several decades.  Even more painting aspect is that these political leaders are trying to target Modiji to take some political fortune and mileage out the incident.  

Like how the baiters of Lord Krishna got exposed for blaming Krishana for the theft of Syamantaka, all those Modiji baiters also will be exposed soon and people of India will certainly re-educate them. They have lost their relevance purely due to such politics but they are yet to learn their lessons from such defeat.

Syamantaka metaphorically refers to the highest judiciary of the land. When there is any threat to Syamantaka, it is for everyone in the country to act responsibly to regain the value and glory of the Syamantaka by not politicizing it or engaged in blaming anyone instead of using such an opportunity to score some political gain.   

Whenever our country suffers such ignominy, the countrymen should lend their unconditional support to the Government of the day to resolve it and regain the glory and pride of the land. But it is so unfortunate that the oldest political party in India is acting so irresponsibly and divisively to make political gain even out of the ignominy of our country.  

People can differ with some of the policies of Modiji but we should not let down our Prime Minister and our country. Modiji although may belong to BJP but is the Prime Minister of India and definitely one of the best Prime Ministers ever contemporary India has seen. Let us support Modiji and expose all those care the least about our country.

Dr S Ranganathan