The Government of India has proposed National Medical Commission Bill 2017 /2018, which when adopted would result in repeal of Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. The nature of the proposed Bill by virtue of the inclusions is evidently aiming at total centralisation of power and authority and intends to make the regulator totally subservient to the Government of India.

 “The proposed Bill by virtue of its inclusions which are draconian in character and are totally aimed at centralising the entire authority in the hands of Government of India, is not in public interest as well as is prejudicial to the medical education and profession as a whole. It is for this very reason the Bill was referred to a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare which upon hearing the various stakeholders made several recommendations in order to make the proposed Bill meaningful and relevant. However, Government of India, did not accept any of the recommendations made by Parliamentary Standing Committee except for minor illusory and cosmetic changes, which in reality are of no avail.” said Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, National President, IMA.

In addition to the aforesaid limitations of the said Bill by virtue of the draconian provisions incorporated therein what it does not include is more significant and vital. The said dissolution has been condemned by IMA in vociferous terms stating the said action on part of the Government of India, is autocratic, undemocratic, unilateral, highhanded, without citing any reasons for the same in public domain and solely aimed at ensuring that elections for constituting of the Medical Council of India by November 5, are scuttled, which is nothing short of an abject cowardice.

“It is for these reasons IMA with its total solidarity and unity is committed to oppose the nefarious design of the Government of India, in pushing through the National Medical Commission Bill. It has successfully resisted the might of the Govt. for well over past 9 months and resolves with purpose, determination and direction to resist the same, come-what-may. This is the miracle that the strength and unity of IMA has been able to usher in and would continue to bring desired results in public interest. The resolve of the IMA on this count is unending till the desired results are achieved in a meaningful sense.” said Dr Shantanu Sen, National President elect (2018-19), IMA

Further the Government of India unilaterally and without any provocation superseded elected Medical Council of India reconstituted by itself on 5th November, 2013 by an ordinance dated 26th September availing authority vested with it under section 3(A) of the IMC Act, 1956. The action so taken was sudden, unilateral, without any provocation and therefore, cannot be said to be well intended and in public interest.

It is for these very reasons the Indian Medical Association has resisted this move of the Government of India, to annihilate the autonomy of the regulatory body for medical education and make it totally subservient to the Central Govt.  with a determination out of total unity of professionals and commitment thereto in larger public interest in general and professional and medical education interest in particular.

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