Wise to reconcile to the reality

Wise to reconcile to the reality

Wise to reconcile to the reality. For good or bad, the State got divided. It is a fait accompli. Any decision of this sort is always painful, even if...

For good or bad, the State got divided. It is a fait accompli. Any decision of this sort is always painful, even if it is done in the best of times or even with the best of intentions. Owing to the political machinations and dishonesty of different political players in the State, what should have taken place four years ago, has taken place now. It is sheer luck of Telangana people that their movement had fitted in a fine way for many political calculations of the Congress party. The manner of granting it is so partisan and possessive that no stake-holder is involved.

Since decision is political, Seemandhra leaders and people should stop the unproductive agitation and come to terms with the reality. The people are accusing the leaders of failing to prevent the demerger. But once the inevitable takes place, there is a distinct possibility that the very people may blame the leadership for its failure to protect the interests of the region. It is common knowledge that the public mood shifts, rather swiftly at times.
Therefore, all the political leaders of different parties in the Seemandra region should educate their people about the political reality. If they are under the illusion that they can change the decision of the Center once again, one can only pity them. The movement in Seemandhra is acquiring ominous dimension. If the leaders allow this to continue for some more days, things may go out of control.It is the moral responsibility of Chandrababu Naidu to tour the Seemandhra region to cool the tempers and put the issue of separation in its proper perspective. As a senior and matured politician of the state, it is but natural that one expects this much from him.
Similarly, it is the responsibility of the Congress leaders to educate the people about their party’s decision. It is true, given the surcharged atmosphere of the day; it is a tough task. As it is well said, when the going is tough, it is the tough who gets going. The problem with the Congress party is that it is not that easy to find out whether their actions are drama or whether they have any touch of political reality. To call spade a spade, it is a crime on the part of Congress leaders, if they delude the people still that they can reverse the decision of demerger.The capacity of leadership involves the courage to convey the unpalatable.
About the YSRCP it is the less said the better. Its reactions are knee-jerk. Of late, a touch of drama is added to it. They betray political immaturity; so, the possibility of that party coming to terms with the political reality of the day without insulting and injuring the sentiments of many admirers of YSR in Telangana is rather dim. The party’s only aim is how to make the best of the bad bargain.
Sadly, the twist in the tale is that every leader is giving the impression as if they are going by the people’s urges. Besides, the presence of many parties and the system of FPPS are making the political executive less representative. Hence, when any decision of this seminal importance was taken, the party in power should have involved others, before the final call.
The failure on this score can be attributed to the structural inability of the Congress to be democratic in temperament. It is indeed shocking that a party of Gandhi-Nehru legacy has insulted a great mass of Seemandhra people by approving the Cabinet note on Telangana, as if there is nothing going on. The calculated snub is a great disservice to the democratic canon.
The Central leadership could have soothed the ruffled feelings of the people, had it so desired. It is possible to stick to its decision on Telangana by making an attempt to mollify the hurt feelings of other people. It did not. Its famed democratic culture is confined to petty party matters. It is time to stop the game of one-upmanship and start thinking about what needs to be done to address the genuine misgivings of the people of Seemandhra.
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