Pakistan’s nose has been bloodied for the first time

Pakistan’s nose has been bloodied for the first time

War is not good. Even if it-'s a limited war. Children, families, elderly parents and civilians are the worst sufferers. But then who is to listen in...

War is not good. Even if it's a limited war. Children, families, elderly parents and civilians are the worst sufferers.
But then who is to listen in Pakistan. A nation’s government that seems to have based its sole survival against a self created rhetorical animosity with India.

Unfortunately Pakistan is not one entity, it has multiple stake holders and each has its own agenda. Take Pakistan’s Army for example, its huge national stature, and to some extent, international funding, are all derived from the facade of fear, that it creates to sustain its importance and thus thrive.

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif’s meeting the Pakistan Army is not so much to gauge the situation on the Line of Control (LoC) with India but to ask (read request) the Pakistan Army to rein in itself. The situation at the LoC is quite apparent when the Pakistan Defence Minister issues a statement, “Pakistan does not want to escalate the situation on the border between two nuclear countries.” Familiar words, except that it was India till now that was saying this and Pakistan (Pakistan Army) like a rogue was bent upon taking complete advantage of its neighbour’s decency (read lack of political will).

No sane person likes war, I have said it right in the beginning but for the first time, India has flexed its political muscle. Every self respecting Indian has been wanting that our Prime Minster, our government, not buckle to a rogue’s strong arm tactics.

For the first time, despite upping the ante, our soldiers at the border would be filled with a sense of freedom to act with instinct, with self respect and a renewed will to serve the nation as they know best.

It's a good time to recall an interview of an Indian channel a few months ago, where to the anchor’s question, on how would you engage with Pakistan, the interviewee responded, “in the language that Pakistan understands.”That interviewee was Narendra Modi and he is today the Prime Minister of India with a massive mandate.

A clear mind, clear objectives, clear orders. For the first time in the recent past, our soldiers have understood what their government wants, no mean thing

This clarity has taken Pakistan by surprise, accustomed to old ways where parties changed but policy on engagement rarely did. Perhaps this is what the Pakistani establishment wanted to explore, how different is the Modi Sarkar. Now they know. Modi Sarkar will have a Modi response. India is talking one language, from the PM to the Army Chief, from the Home Minister to the DG BSF, crafted together and systematically disseminated, this is unlike anytime before.

Pakistan is shocked by the ferocity and quantum of response. Also, it's been the most publicised response in the Indian media. Almost as if it is a collective will of the whole nation to hit back and hit hard. Pakistani media, on the other hand, has been curtailed by their army from covering the damage which by all means has been intense. Guns hit where you want them to hit, no civilian areas, only Pakistani Army. With a bloodied nose, their military establishment is looking for a face saver, to wriggle out of this with the least embarrassment.

After all, for their gullible citizens, they have always been seen to be in control and now their larger than life stature within Pakistan is in jeopardy. Hereafter what? Pakistan may gain by internationalising the issue, especially after their PM raised it in the UN General Assembly. Pakistan’s Army will be on the lookout for regaining their lost pride and, after a lull, more action should be expected. Nothing changes for India. India has for a long time been making available to international audiences, evidence to show Pakistan’s designs on us.

We will continue to do so with the addition of punitive measures of ‘When, Where and How’ we want. As regards Pakistan Army's old habits of misadventures, old habits die hard and hence this will take some time to rectify. Attrition is their big weapon, their policy is of “Death by a thousand cuts.”

Misadventures Indian citizens must accustom themselves to more misadventures by rogue elements in our neighbourhood. Now what we need is consistency. Every policy takes time to show results. The message to the world is clear. India will focus on development, mutual growth and betterment of the world economy through our own. In our neighbourhood, we will strengthen relations, help development and eradication of poverty.

Force will be met with force. Zero tolerance towards terrorism and to those who propagate terrorism. While doing so, India will do well to engage sane voices in Pakistan. We want good relations with Pakistan, a fact that was demonstrated by inviting Nawaz Sharif for the oath ceremony of our PM and by extending aid during the recent flood crisis in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

The internal demon in Pakistan must be dismantled from within and it will take years before this happens. But in recent memory, its nose has been bloodied for the first time. Old strategies won’t work, Pakistan must draft a fresh code of conduct with India. A more powerful India with an equally strong PM has unequivocally told Pakistan to behave. Since Modi took oath of office of PM, India has dictated the rules of engagement with Pakistan. Now we decide ‘When and How’ we talk. We have heard enough. For the moment. Pakistan should listen, well it's in the language they understand.

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