Worst Food for toddlers

Worst Food for toddlers

Worst Food For Toddlers

New Delhi: Parents often get confused while choosing the best and worst foods for their toddler.
According to Parents India magazine, if you too are confused about the food items you can serve your child, here are some recommendations of food items you should restrict from feeding your child.

A mother should be careful while giving cow's milk to a toddler as it is difficult for him to digest cow's milk. Mothers should stick to breast milk or formula milk till the child turns one year old.
There are many gummy, sugary fruit flavoured candies available in the market that may interest your child's palate but are considered really bad for toddlers as these include large amount of sugar which only gives empty calories. It also sticks in their mouth making it hard to swallow.
Soft cola drinks have large amount of sugar which only supply empty calories. It is also bad for your child's health to start taking soft drinks like canned juices and colas, which can lead to weight gain later in life.
Food items like ketchup and pickles have artificial colours and preservatives which can be quite harmful for the baby. It also has high sodium content which is harmful for children as it is more than what a child requires in a day.
Cheese is a well known source of fat and also contains a lot of calories which are not easily digestible and it can lead to indigestion and stomach ache to the child.
Sweetened breakfast cereals may seem like a healthy option for your child but it has a large amount of sugar which is not good for a child. It does not always give nutrients that are written on the box.

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