Dads trait of being there matters

Dads trait of being there matters

Dads Trait Of Being There Matters

Washington: Conversation is crucial in bonding between mothers and sons, with the most prominent topic that of relationships, according to a new study.

That''s very different from father-daughter relationships, which tend to revolve around such shared activities as sports, he said.

While men cited a mother's trait of simply "being there" as critical in how close they were to their moms, mothers also mentioned "social support" as vital to their connection with sons, says Mark T. Morman, Ph.D., a professor of communication studies in Baylor's College of Arts and Sciences.
"There are a variety of reasons to believe that mothers specifically influence their sons in a host of significant ways" — including on such issues as antisocial behavior, use of alcohol and suicidal thoughts, he said.

For the most part, mothers and sons in the study were in "remarkable agreement" about incidents they saw as critical — among them social support, family crisis, divorce, son maturing and son leaving for college or becoming physically distant for another reason, Morman said.

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