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Feng shui says for a healthy mind should be reciprocated with healthy Body. Any negative thoughts including anger, hate, guilt or fear affects ones...

Feng shui says for a healthy mind should be reciprocated with healthy Body. Any negative thoughts including anger, hate, guilt or fear affects ones path of success. There is positive energy known as chi that flows in our entire body. Any kind of emotional distress stops this flow and causes some health issues. For e g, any fear being held in a person near the manipura or confidence chakra will not allow the free flow of energies in this area.

If you are worried or stressed about any issue concerning your body, your sacral chakra will appear shrunken .You will experience more fatigue or restlessness and major kidney issues could arise. The sacral chakra gives a person the security in life. That’s why it has to be always bright and energetic. Every individual is surrounded by hundreds of chakras within and outside. One should learn to energise all these chakras to keep them glowing for prime health.

It should be noted that any major renovation in the house or office premises also disturbs the lord of the house. A huge pyramid along with Reiki should be hung to neutralize this effect otherwise it may turn serious even endangering the lives of the family members. Feng shui lists some important articles to be kept to cure a person who is not keeping good health.

The gourd fruit also known as volu has some miracle properties, the bottle gourd is considered as a symbol of good fortune and is also called as holy nectar. If hung in the house, it gives lot of positive health vibes for the inmates. Longevity calligraphy, a red cloth woven along with gold should be placed in dining area, bedroom or living room for good health, harmony and happiness for the family.

This would eventually lead to longer life, according to feng shui. The three wise men, Fuk, Luk and Sau, also known as the three star Gods, bring great fortune, health and happiness. Sau: The first deity reflects the universal wish for long life (longevity). He carries a staff with a bottle gourd of nectar. Fuk: Reflects the universal wish for wealth and enhanced income. He wears a red robe and carries a child.

Luk: brings good luck. He represents the power of the high government official and holds a sceptre in his hand. He with his power stands in the center. The three wise men should be placed on a high table in the dining room, where they are said to create auspicious chi for the entire house. And at the work place they should be placed behind the one seeking vital support and good fortune. Feng shui asks one to balance his mind and body in harmony for better health. This brings the positive energies of the universe to one’s side bringing more luck.

- Inseeya Khambati
[email protected]

(The writer is a Mumbai-based Feng Shui exponent and Tarot card reader)

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