49 % adults use smartphones for 'sexting'

49 % adults use smartphones for sexting

49 % Adults Use Smartphones For 'Sexting'. Nearly Half Of All US Adults Use Their Smartphones To Send Racy Photos, Videos, Text Messages And Risque E-Mails.

Washington: Nearly half of all US adults use their smartphones to send racy photos, videos, text messages and risque e-mails.
A new study conducted by McAfee has revealed that the smartphones of 49 percent of US adults send or receive sexual content via their smartphones and also store the provocative correspondence, CNET reported.
The study titled 'Love, Relationships, and Technology' shows that the 77 percent of sexters send the racy content to their significant others while 16 percent admitted sending it to complete strangers.
According to the study by the security software firm, 70 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds indulge in sexting and suggestive photo taking, and men are more likely than women to send and receive intimate information.

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