Women prefer taller men

Women prefer taller men

Women Prefer Taller Men. Now, They Have An Extra Reason To Go For Them As Researchers Have Discovered A Significant Correlation In The DNA Between Tall People And Intelligence.

London: The fact is that women fall for men who are taller. Now, they have an extra reason to go for them as researchers have discovered a significant correlation in the DNA between tall people and intelligence.

“We tested whether DNA-based genetic similarities among people related to their similarities in height and intelligence. What we found was a small association between height and intelligence, such that people who are taller tend to be smarter,” study author Riccardo Marioni was quoted as saying in Sunday Times.

The study was the first to analyse the DNA markers for height in people who are not related.

Data was collected from more than 6,800 unrelated people.

Both height and high IQ are also linked with better health, the researchers pointed out.

The data could be used to predict other health outcomes, said the study published in the journal Behavior Genetics.

However, if you are not tall, then no worries -- researchers attributed about 70 percent of short people’s IQs to genetic factors.

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