Few Worst Long Distance Relationship Problems

Few Worst Long Distance Relationship Problems

Few Worst Long Distance Relationship Problems

Every relationship will be blissful if they communicate with their partner on regular basis. Only one relationship is hard for both the couples to adjust for both men and women and i.e a long distance relationship

A very known mantra is that Absence makes the heart grow fonder, this will happen only for lovers in long distance relationship. In the 19th Century, very few people had long distance relationship.

Now, we are in the 20th Century, most of them are in long distance relationship for some or other reason such as like pursuing studies in different places, going for job purpose to different countries as they themselves sacrifice many things to achieve their goals.

Here are couple of reasons people faced in Long Distance relationship:

Time Zone: First and foremost things couples have in Long Distance relationship is different Time Zones. Mostly couples will adjust for that and encourage their partner to be happy when they feel homesick. Due to time zones, people will not communicate properly on daily basis except weekends.

Constant Fights and Arguments: Couples may have some constant Fights and Arguments in between them due to a hectic schedule. For every relationship, it is a common thing but you shouldn't consider it is like a war. When you fight with a partner when they are beside you can solve it within an hour or later. But in long distance relationship, it is totally different because you can't debate with them like you're in front of them. Just do a small bit don't escalate the fight in between you people try to solve as early as possible and get back to normal.

Unbearable Missing: It is hard pain for each and every person who are in Long Distance relationship because the loneliness kills your brain when you think about him/her. Now we got many social apps such as like Whatsapp, skype, and viber etc. If you're missing him/her badly just do a video call to partner it may reduce your stress and make you comfortable that someone is there for you.

Boring Life: Everyone wants to spend a quality of time with their partner on weekends or any public holiday. In LRD, people will not get that chance to have fun and sometimes they may feel it is a boring life for them. They'll try a lot to kill their time by going out with friends, clubbing or long trip etc that also makes them disappointed that they are missing the most important person at that moment. In reality, they may be far from each other and they have only one soul which constantly beats for opposite person whom they love unconditionally.

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