Shortcuts - Philosophy to life

Shortcuts - Philosophy to life

Shortcuts - Philosophy to life

->F1(Help) The Poor

->Be Ctrl+B(Bold)

->F2(Rename) Your name being an achiever

->F5(Refresh) Your mind & Body by cherishing your love

->Ctrl+X(Cut) The bad

->Ctrl+C(Copy) The goodness of the world

->Ctrl+V(Paste) The Smiles Everywhere

->Never Step on backspace

->Ctrl+Z(Undo) Childhood memories

->Delete Worries

->Shift +Delete The unwanted

->Alt+Tab(Shift between) Good People and Good Deeds

->Ctrl+F(Find)The happiness

->Learn but don’t forgetCtrl+H(History(past))

->Live not inCtrl+H(History(past))

->Ctrl+S(Save) the learnt onesin ROM of your mind(Because ROM is permanent memory)

->Ctrl+J(Download) the needed from ROM of your mind

Contributed by one of our readers - Archana Reddy

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