Get filmi-wise with Cinetaria

Get filmi-wise with Cinetaria

Wish to turn the clock back to know more about your favourite Telugu movie from a bygone era and that too in a jiffy? Or perhaps get an instant...

Wish to turn the clock back to know more about your favourite Telugu movie from a bygone era and that too in a jiffy? Or perhaps get an instant feedback about the career graph of a celebrated Tollywood personality, irrespective of to which era the individual belonged? Or maybe the unsung heroes (even extras), who work behind the scenes and remain largely unknown to the general personality-soaked audience?

Or if you are the kind who goes for pictorial depictions, may be, you are keen to ‘see’ pictures of your chosen one, notwithstanding the period he or she was involved with Telugu cinema; the advent of ‘outsiders’ in Telugu industry and the manner they altered the landscape with their cinematic excellence; and catch up with many more interesting, unusual and exclusive tidbits and trivia related to Tollywood et al.

Here is a one-stop solution to get every detail-from the minutest to the most covered. All you need to do is to merely logon to The roller-coaster ride will refresh not only the minds of the fans but that of every student of cinema, historian and researcher because the information flow is not just stimulating but actually opens up a new world related to the evolution and growth of Tollywood, which continues to attract the best of even non-Telugu talent from a plethora of film specializations into its fold.

Bringing the insides and outs of this charming industry is one man, one who has been integral to it, albeit as an artiste, critic and writer, the last two fetching him the coveted Nandi Award twice over.
On a first meeting with Bulemoni Venkateshwarlu one would hardly deduce his professional background because he hardly carries any airs or aura that typifies a film-related personality.

However, once the conversation moves to Tollywood, one would be amazed at the knowledge he has gained and the proficiency with which he makes pragmatic analysis. It is certain that it is this penchant to dwell deeper that has helped him to accumulate the information, howsoever, labourious the task was.

On accessing, the viewer will be thoroughly impressed by the professionalism that has gone into making a complete job of it. It is no mean accomplishment considering that it is more resourceful than platform like Google in terms of subject-exclusivity.

“I have always wanted to contribute to the industry in one way or the other. My being a journalist in various popular frontline media has helped me stay close to Telugu cinema,” points out Venkateshwarlu, who has been into several successful ventures.

Explaining about the website, he says, that it was a momentous occasion when ‘people in the field acknowledged my efforts in piecing together such a voluminous collection. There is a professional satisfaction when such salutations come straight from the heart and by people who matter. The troubles taken and efforts put in to meet veterans, historians, librarians and researchers for compilation of authenticated material will be eased considerably when there are such appreciations.’

There are various dimensions to Venkateshwarlu than his being merely a ‘chronicler’. He is a freelance writer and founder of various online platforms – cinema, education, technology etc. Author of four books, ‘Telugu Cinema Charitra’, ‘Telugu Cinema Vythalikulu’, ‘Telugu Cinema Aanimutyalu’ and ‘Chilukuru Kshetra Charitra’, he has also directed a television series and a patriotic Telugu video album besides making a documentary ‘Mysigandi Kshetra Charitra’ to popular applause in addition to dabbling in painting, one of which won him the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Award as ‘Best Artist’ for his work “Un-employee life” in 1995.

For all his work, the 45-old native of Charakonda in Mahaboobnagar district remains focused on his future. ‘I intend to continue writing and venturing into books that are a collector’s delight so that my passion gets translated into a larger collection. I have been commissioned to write a couple of biographies. I will be occupied for quite some time in these ventures, even as I will not let go of opportunities to explore newer vistas,’ he points out.

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