How to lose weight without eating less

How to lose weight without eating less

It’s insane to watch billions of people caught in this vicious circle of diets and still to find so many diseased and obese people. When people think...

It’s insane to watch billions of people caught in this vicious circle of diets and still to find so many diseased and obese people. When people think about weight loss, they invariably think deprivation.

Unfortunately, they are intimidated by these fad diets and they think the simplest solution is, “Forget it I’m going to continue being the way I am.” These diets can lead to imbalances in the body. There is no magic food that can help weight loss but I know for a fact that you need to eat more to lose weight. Just follow these simple solutions which I prescribe to all my clients.

Vegetables are high in fibre making the bodywork hard (think burning calories) to break down the food thus keeping you full for longer. Vegetables provide a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help regulate metabolism and energy levels. The crunching and munching of these veggies make you feel psychologically satisfied that you are eating a whole lot but without the calories! So you get lots of volume of food and virtually no calories.

Packed with vitamin C, which helps metabolise fat, helps absorb iron, and people low in iron tend to feel tired, and sluggish and reach for sugary, high-calorie snacks. So squeeze some lemon onto your salads to help squeeze the fat out of your cells!

The brain is made of fat and it is essential for weight loss. When you add fat you feel full faster as satiation is felt by your brain before your stomach and heart. Plus fat releases serotonin, the feel-good hormone, preventing emotional eating. Include ghee, nuts and seeds. Add a spoon of fresh coconut as it regularly restores thyroid and aids metabolism.

Adds flavour to all vegetables and other foods. They aid digestion, prevent bloating while banishing sweet cravings. A bit of naturally sweet cinnamon after meals prevents raiding the chocolate cabinet.

They are packed with natural sugar accompanied with fibre to help you feel more energetic and refreshed while satisfying sweet cravings. Eat one seasonal fruit daily.

Whole grains
Opting for whole grains will result in increasing your body’s metabolism since it has to work harder to digest these grains. You will feel full for longer and land up eating less calories overall choose low glycemic grains like barley (jav), barnyard millet (vergu), or basmati rice.

Is packed with calcium, protein healthy minerals seems to speed up fat burning better than other high calcium, non-dairy foods.

Pulses and legumes
These are great sources of essential B vitamins and proteins. They are loaded with easy to digest proteins, essential for regulating metabolism. A small amount daily will keep you full for a longer time as they are low in glycemic index.

Read nutrition labels
If there are ingredients you don’t recognise or can’t pronounce, don’t buy or eat that product. Think natural, wholesome, nourishing. Eat mainly from the plant kingdom and you will automatically start shedding that extra blubber.

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