Cosy up with cushions

Cosy up with cushions

The easy, inexpensive and smart way to change the look of your home is to add cushions and throw pillows. To make a room unique, add colours and...

The easy, inexpensive and smart way to change the look of your home is to add cushions and throw pillows. To make a room unique, add colours and fabrics of your choice. You can change them frequently and add textures and shapes to completely revamp your living room and bedrooms.

Odd numbers:
It is wise to buy them in odd numbers: five or seven of them, rather than even numbers as fewer cushions look neater than many and are easier to care for and manage.

Cushions can be square or oblong in shape. Squares should be larger if you want to use a patterned fabric. Oblongs can be added in between with solid colours to bring out the patterns in the square cushions. One can add a few round cushions to break up the tedium of squares and oblongs.

Choose a few colours that go with your personality if you have a modern, minimal apartment. For example, a few gold cushions can make a bold statement against a darker sofa but care must be taken not to overdo it. Greens and browns in cushions go well with a tan or beige sofa. Peacock blue or fuchsia pink can add another dimension to a cream or white background. Using black, white and red can make a colour statement in your bedroom.

Linen and cotton are long lasting, though velvet and satin fabrics can look more sensuous.

Different textures add interest and depth to the room. Mix an embroidered or crocheted cushion to a leather sofa. Add cotton or linen to a cane chair. You can use silk or jute for a change.

Mix and Match:
One can use this to good effect but one should stick to two or at the most three colours only to prevent a clashing look. Big cushions should have a neutral colour and the smallest should be bright.

Cosy Look:
This can be achieved by adding matching cushions to the pillows on your bed and warm neutral colours as cushions on your sofas.

Stripes and Squares:
These can add an interesting dimension to a drab room. Raw silk cushion covers can increase the allure.

Needle point and tapestry:
Although expensive, nothing can be as classy as woven tapestry. If needlepoint is your hobby, embroidered cushion covers will display your skill and also be a conversation starter when people visit your home.

Match with curtains, carpets, bed sheets:
This will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and balance your living room and bedrooms.

Avoid one colour:
Using only one colour kills the character and beauty of your home. Use colour with texture and pattern to reflect your personality.

You can use the best material for cushion covers but if the placement is wrong, the room looks chaotic.
Choose to place them in odd or even numbers and try to get symmetry in arrangement.

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