What are prayers?

What are prayers?

Prayers are those mesmerising sentences which make us realise we are one with GOD. Whether we know all the sentences or rituals to recite them or we...

Prayers are those mesmerising sentences which make us realise we are one with GOD. Whether we know all the sentences or rituals to recite them or we just follow what is said, whether we see the supreme power in those sentences, whether we find peace while saying those sentences is what makes them prayers. Prayers not only soothe us when we are feeling low but they equally provide us with the calm to absorb the beauty of our existence in its true sense... The intention to absorb the divinity is Prayer.

What are formal prayers and informal prayers?
Formal prayers are those, which are very strictly followed along with the rituals. Some prayers which are formed and recited during the marriage, deaths, and other events are the formal ones and have a particular process to follow. Informal prayers are all other prayers which are recited anywhere else.

They say it is not important to know where you are; you can pray anywhere and everywhere and in every state. Everything which is a ritual will always come secondary in nature than the intention of appreciation to the supreme power which is around us, within each one of us and which is truly running this whole iota of world by every smallest bit of pieces.

What does a prayer give?
By prayer

  • Those who believe in the power of present and now will gain to make the most of the moment.
  • Those who are happy and satisfied will gain to be at ecstasy of abundance.
  • Those who are stressed, unhappy, dissatisfied will gain calm to handle their life.
  • Those who are hopeless will gain by restoring a lot of hope in everything around them.
  • Those who are looking for their purpose of existence will gain by knowing their growth path and purpose.
  • Those who are looking to enhance their spiritual knowledge will start finding their new ways of approach.

In short prayers give all what you desire in life.

What is the best approach of your mind for prayers?
Prayers are meant not just to ask for what you want but they are the instrument to help your mind understand that the power lies in your strong determination, in your strong belief that the all mighty, supreme power is this supportive energy which is around you to support you in everything that you do.

The intention is to remember that this power, which lies within our conscience, is the only strength with which people have moved mountains. The reflection of re-infusing energy for dealing with this world makes this power of prayers so much important. As for us, we as individual human beings, we look for reassurance that everything will be fine and we are capable to handle different areas of life smoothly. This trust on universe or super power or GOD makes us equipped to be hopeful, cheerful and peaceful; thereby consciously be, what we have come here to be and perform with our full infinite potential in whatever we take up.

What can be the simplest form of prayer?
Being grateful for everything that comes our way is one prayer which is the most important for each one of us. He who is not grateful for what he has today, cant gain much in addition to what he has today. A simple thank you prayer leads us to a mental state where we appreciate every bit which is given to us by this universe. All the prayers are important if the intention behind the prayer is to silently appreciate the support we have from this universe and that we keep getting the same continuously.

So the best prayer is:

“Be simple, be thankful, and be grateful because the way you are privileged many others are not.”

By: Shachi Maheshwari
The writer is motivational and transformation trainer, life coach and author

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