The new kid on the block

The new kid on the block

Taron Egerton got into Kingsman The Secret Service right after drama school Little did he know that it would become such a blockbuster and his life...

Taron Egerton got into ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ right after drama school. Little did he know that it would become such a blockbuster and his life would never be the same again. Read Taron Egerton talk about his character, Eggsy, how the Kingsman franchise has evolved since the first movie, what it was like for him to work with the big names of Hollywood.

Excerpts from an interview

How is ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ different from the first movie?
The richness of the world he (Matthew Vaughn) created in the first one, in terms of overseeing all of the design, the culture of the Kingsman and the history of the Kingsman- the world expands in this one, it becomes more international. What’s staggering is that if anything, it feels richer. The world that we discover through the American side of things is every bit as fully realised, is detailed and is nuanced and is stylistically defined as the first one. It all feels kind of grander, more epic, more ambitious. The fantastic thing in terms of making it is that we haven’t rested on our laurels. If anything, it seems harder this time, we are challenging ourselves.

There are some big names who have joined the ‘Kingsman’ franchise, what was it like working with them?
I think what Mathew has tapped into is very exciting in terms of the people it has attracted into the project. It’s a very richly detailed world but they’re also quite major key and they’re a real joy for an actor to play which is why the likes of Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Pedro who have also signed on presumably.

They’re fantastic characters and what they have done with them, in terms of bringing them to life. What Jeff Bridges has done with his character, Champ is just hilarious and amazing. So, in keeping with the very definite style what we established in the first one, it’s really exciting, especially for me and my small part in the great machine of it. To think that the actors of that calibre want to come and join our party is amazing.

Since this was your second run at this, did you get to choose and say that you want to fight in a certain way or I want to do something that wasn’t in the first?
Not really though I did say to Mathew early on that I want a new gadget. Can I have a new gadget? And he said yes, you can have a new gadget. So, I do get a new gadget which I use at the end of the film which I think is pretty badass. One thing I realise about ‘Kingsman…’ is that, for example, Colin in the first film is full badass, takes on everyone, Pedro’s kind of the same.

I am still the kind of guy who manages to wriggle out eventually but after his head has been slammed on the ground 25 times. So, at some point, if we continue to franchise, it would be nice to be the guy who dispatches everyone without getting a hair out of place.

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- ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ will air on December 4 at 9pm on Star Movies

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