Reaching the stars!

Reaching the stars!

English actress Daisy Ridley is known for her breakthrough role as Rey in the film Star Wars The Force Awakens Her choice by director JJ Abrams was...

English actress Daisy Ridley is known for her breakthrough role as ‘Rey’ in the film ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. Her choice by director JJ Abrams was seen as a repeat of George Lucas' move of casting relatively unknown actors for the lead roles in the first ‘Star Wars’ film in 1977. In conversation, she talks about playing a strong character like Rey, being star struck and her tips for a Jedi trainee.

Excerpts from an interview

Rey means so much to modern audiences. What did the female hero like this mean to you growing up and how has the feedback been from the fans?
I was always a book person, not a film person really so all the heroes I needed were in books. Books have never discriminated quite in the way that films did. Also, I have two sisters and grew up in a very loving and liberal household. So, for me, I grew up having everything I need but obviously, if I had been more of a film person, I think it would have meant a great deal. Maybe that’s why I didn’t see the disparity so much because I didn’t really have access to so many films, but the way people have responded is wonderful and I think it is only a good thing and to be joined by the wonderful people who have joined this film is just great.

Have you ever met a celebrity and been really starstruck?
Yeah, it was funny because I went to the Oscars with all sorts of people around it, but Danny Devito and I sort of sat down and I was talking to him because I knew he did this troll foot thing, so all we were talking about is 12 foot and I was like, this is insane. He just takes picture of one of his feet in various different places, it’s crazy.

What is your favourite quality that Rey possesses?
That she's very hopeful. I think it's really wonderful to see someone like her; she's been so lonely her whole life and it's been very difficult, I think the fact that she's reacting the way she does to new people coming into her life, she's trying to help even though initially she wants them to go away. She does everything she can to help him. She does everything she can to help Finn and even though everything is sort of crazy and everything's being thrown at her and she didn't really ask for any of it. Rey is so hopeful going forward and she really sees that glimmer in Kylo, that there's some good there and she goes with that and I think that's really wonderful.

If someone was training to be a real Jedi, what would your tips be?
A willingness to learn, an openness feeling and perseverance. I love that.

- ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ will air on January 2 at 11 am on Star Movies.

– Sourced exclusively for The Hans India.

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