Samsung unveils its foldable phone - Galaxy Fold

Samsung unveils its foldable phone - Galaxy Fold

Samsung hosted its Unpacked 2019 event in San Francisco with the announcement of its muchhyped foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold


 Samsung is giving tough competition to its rival brands by announcing its 5G-ready smartphones ahead of the MWC 2019
 The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a 5G-optional phone with a foldable display that will go on sale from April 26th in the US
 It also introduced a 5G-ready phone to their Samsung Galaxy S10 range of devices but the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will only work in regions with 5G networks

Samsung hosted its Unpacked 2019 event in San Francisco with the announcement of its much-hyped foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold Features and Specifications

The Galaxy Fold features the world’s first 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display with Dynamic AMOLED panel and QXGA+ resolution. The display folds inwards and has a 4.6-inch super AMOLED cover display on top for use. The phone uses a new hinge system which is hidden under the device enclosure for a smooth transition between the two displays. The phone will come in four colours with the option of personalized colour on the hinge.

Due to the unique nature of the handset, that comes with Android 9.0 with a custom UI. It has a feature called App Continuity using which you can seamlessly transition from the cover screen to the main screen for supported apps. The large screen also helps multi-tasking, three apps can run side by side on the Galaxy Fold. Other features include Bixby support, Samsung Pay support, and Samsung Health feature.

However, the Galaxy Fold is another innovation by Samsung, giving it the first-mover advantage users don’t essentially need a 5G network to make the phone work because its ‘5G optional’, it will work on a 4G network as well.

Bringing the Samsung Galaxy Fold to the market involved implementing new manufacturing processes altogether for the phone’s hinge and flexible display so that it can be durable in the face of being opened and closed multiple times.

While Apple has stated that its 5G smartphone will only come into the market in 2020, other brands are speculated to display their 5G devices at the MWC 2019 next week.

The Galaxy Fold will available in the US from April 26th priced at US $1980, but the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is scheduled for later this year in September. Nothing has been disclosed about its launch and availability in India.

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