Galaxy Fold outdoes the iPhone XS. Here's why you may still not buy one

Galaxy Fold outdoes the iPhone XS. Heres why you may still not buy one

Foldable smartphones like Samsungs Galaxy Fold set a new standard in the mobile world But you dont need to hop on the bandwagon now

Samsung announced Galaxy Fold, its new foldable phone.

Foldable smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold set a new standard in the mobile world. But you don’t need to hop on the bandwagon now.

Finally, Samsung gave a longer, closer look at the Galaxy Fold, a smartphone that unfolds like a book to show off a second, larger display. It’s a sci-fi magic stuff and it welcomes an entirely new world of different designs and devices.

This device might be impressive, but there might not be completely ready for early adopters. Applauds to Samsung for bringing a foldable phone to market before its competitors, but now got the clarity from the short first look at the device that a lot more polish and development needs to happen before this is fully ready for an average user. The gadget was displayed on stage for a few minutes but wasn't available for demos in spite of an Unpacked phone's launch event.

Avi Greengart, an analyst at Tech potential said, "The Galaxy Fold is not planned to be a mass-market product, at least not yet, it’s a halo product for Samsung, aimed at early adopters."

If you're planning for the Galaxy Fold, reconsider these reasons


On April 26 the Galaxy Fold will launch at an astounding $1,980. The iPhone XS Max is available at a starting price of $1,099. After Fold the $899 Galaxy S10 and the bigger $999 Galaxy S10 Plus are practically bargains.

When prices for smartphones are higher than ever, the Galaxy Fold breaks new ground and sets a new record of burning a hole in your pocket.

Marketing executive for Samsung Justin Denison, put it best: "It's a one of a kind luxury device."

User Interface

Samsung has a mixed record when it comes to software. The Galaxy Fold work well with Google Maps

Samsung has come a long way, but it still lacks the cleaner interfaces found on opponent devices like Google's Pixel phones or OnePlus.

What Samsung showed off on Wednesday looked potential. The handset will be able to run three apps at the same time. In the demos, the seamless flow between the smaller display and the larger one works well. But we are not sure till we get our hands on it.

Google told it would support foldable devices with its next Android update, but that won't be available until the second half of the year. As of now, Samsung touted Google Maps and video from Netflix the apps that'll benefit from the larger screen.


Until proper tests are done we won't know how long the Galaxy Fold's battery will last. But the demand for two displays plus a massive folding one don't promise well for the Galaxy Fold.

Looks like Samsung knows this and it hyped including two separate batteries to run the device.


The Galaxy Fold has a massive 7.3-inch display.

The shortcoming of a foldable phone is, well, it folds. Two halves mean a device that's going to be thicker than even the bulkiest of smartphones. Nowadays phone makers are shaving millimeters off their devices and flaunting the sleek design.

The Galaxy Fold looks to be less bulky than the prototype Samsung which was showed off in November, but it's still twice as thick as your typical phone.


Durability is the real x-factor. Samsung pushed the proprietary articulated spine, also the coating on the glass that will protect the foldable part from wear-and-tear damage. But even if Samsung has tested these phones, it’s not very clear how durable they are.

Also, good luck dealing with the handset if you’ve scratched or cracked the screen. You will not be able to take this to any screen repair shop to get it fixed.

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