Software that reads your emotions is here

Software that reads your emotions is here

Software That Reads Your Emotions Is Here

Why is there often a disconnect between what people say, do and think? Not anymore.
Here comes a software that can tell a real grin from a fake one or a true love from a sham one -
by accurately reading the emotions on your face.
Software That Reads Your Emotions Is HereYour Named 'Facet', it can analyse whether that person is feeling joy, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, disgust and contempt or any combination of those seven emotions.
Using a simple digital camera, the software, developed by California-based Emotient, can leave you bare in front of others.
How does it do this?“By reconnecting the missing dots,” Marian Bartlett, lead scientist at Emotient said.
All it needs is a photograph or video frame with resolution of at least 40X40 pixels.
The software can even capture fluctuations and strengths of emotion over time or little flickers of emotion that pass over people's faces before they can control themselves.
It can also pick up subtle facial signs that a human might miss like smiling but not with your eyes!
“This game can help children with autism recognise other people's emotions through facial expressions as well as express their own feelings,” added Bartlett, also a research professor at University of California, San Diego's machine perception lab.
The company is now working on the software's potential for identifying and treating depression.
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