KCR must take comments, criticisms in his stride

KCR must take comments, criticisms in his stride

Telangana Government\'s Sanctions on Media Boomerangs. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao\'s idea of imposing restrictions on media is nothing but his expression of inconvenience to find his rule of law in bad shape.

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao's idea of imposing restrictions on media is nothing but his expression of inconvenience to find his rule of law in bad shape. Media never hesitates to pin point the politician gimmicks which go against the welfare of the people and the same may not be digested by the leaders and their followers. A politician should always be able to take both positive and negative criticism in his own stride to succeed in politics.

KCR began his rule imposing sanctions on a section of media indirectly with the support of master cable operators in the region of Telangana. Now, once again he expresses his intolerance against a section of press.

Many politicians including Indira Gandhi who tried to put media to test got unforgettable lessons in history. We cannot expect KCR being a leader of movements to underestimate the media role in democracy. So long as media supports a leader they tend to praise the role of media and once they are in power they start finding fault with the same media.

KCR who in the past criticized the Seemandhra people as curry point business men and settlers now suddenly changed his stand and started calling them as natives of Telangana. Once he ruled out running business by seemandhra people in this region, now he's welcoming their investments in the Telangana region. Mr.Harish Rao during the telangana movement made every shout against Ramoji film studio and Lanco group, N convention and Padmalaya studios is now maintaining utmost silence these days.

Telangana state which formed with a developed capital, air port and good infrastructure has every potential to grow fast provided leaders adopt stable policies which can attract good FDI in the state. State has good pharmacy industry, IT industry, lot of SME are developed in around the capital. Telangana is also having lot of units in defence, infrastructure and power sector. The leaders have to make priorities right and remove bottlenecks to development.

Power sector which needs the priority is still not attracting the leaders attention as we do not find any war footing exercise on this front. Irrigation depending on tanks is not reliable as the climate conditions are changing fast and there is no certainty of rainfall which fills the tanks during the rainy season. KCR pet project of Mission kakatiaya which is expected to catch rainfall and serve the farmers would be a project of nature’s mercy.

Even the water grid programme which is estimated to cover all household with pipes from rivers is far from reality as there is no clarity of river water distribution between the states of Andhra and Telangana. We are finding clashes not only between farmers of the state but also from the officers of the irrigation departments and police of the two states.

Hope KCR who is a strong and popular Telangana leader turns his focus on short term projects which will immediately stop the suicides of the farmers while making plans for long term projects. It is also necessary to come to an understanding with the government of Andhra Pradesh leaving the inhibitions to serve the welfare of the state of Telangana and its people. Last but not the least Telangana government should work in tandem with media to find projects and needs of immediate public importance and focus to save the farmers from committing suicides.

By Raghu bhushan Eranki


PS: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and doesn't necessarily reflect the views of the organisation

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