Daughter, mother, grand mother no one is above cancer

Daughter, mother, grand mother no one is above cancer

Daughter, mother, grand mother no one is above cancer.Cancer does not spare age,height, weight,poor, rich and any thing for that matter. One in every 8 persons is falling prey to cancer across the world.

Dr Ch Mohana VamsyCancer does not spare age,height, weight,poor, rich and any thing for that matter. One in every 8 persons is falling prey to cancer across the world. Although ,the risk of this cancer is more in one woman for every 22 women in our country, urban women ,obese women ,aged women, women begetting children in old age,mothers that do not breast feed , early puberty, not reaching menopausal stage even after 55 years of age,women taking hormonal treatment for a long time are more prone to cancer. The entire October month was considered as Breast cancer awareness month, since creating awareness is paramount as cancer can be fully cured if noticed in early stage.

Proportionate weight to height, healthy life style, consumption of more fruits and vegetables, exercise are some of the contributing factors that can keep any health related problem at a distance to a certain extent. But unfortunately cancer is waging a war despite clean habits and Spartan life style. There are many reputed personalities who have become victims of this deathly disease, despite serene life style.

But they have successfully won over this devilish cancer and become load stars to many victims. Not only do they exchange their turbulent experiences with others and turn them brave and bold, and besides, some pen their life’s ordeals and outcomes in book form also. Many women , who have surged ahead in many chosen fields facing many-a-catastrophe, becoming victorious over cancer sheer with their steely determination and mental stamina are indeed great lessons to all woman kind , especially to those who opine that cancer means total cessation of life and even devoid of taking any treatment.

They must emulate these victorious women of this dreadful disease. some illustrious and telling tales are worth noting. Gowthami is a famous thespian in tinsel field known to all of us. She has acted in many films of all languages of south India ,co- starring with great actors. Knowing that she she was afflicted with breast cancer at an young of 35 years, she was terribly perturbed and perplexed in the beginning , but faced the menace courageously with the help of Kamal.

She further said that medical field was vastly advancing and that malignancy could be easily won over. Similar noteworthy anecdotes are Manciregan, the first lady of America, Australian Actress, Singer Kailiminag, Martina Nevrattulova, Bollywood Actress Mumtaj who have courageously and Surprisingly Come out of this malady. They are all unparalleled and unmatched live Examples.

Special and singular mention need to be made in respect of world famous Hollywood Actress Anjelinajoli. Since her mother died of breast cancer at the age of 56, knowing that she too had cancer found in BRACE 1, BRACE2 gene mutation tests she got her two breasts removed through Masectomy and let the entire world know that fact also.she further said that she had an idea of getting her two ovaries also removed , since 50% risk was there though ovaries were positive in gene mutation test.

Likewise people with good awareness of life, and its profound value , although perturbed in the beginning ,could be able to gather courage and face it boldly and prolong their life , shining in their chosen fields. Certain exercises like laughing therapy, seeing films often , voracious reading of books, mingling with others in sharing their experiences, planting trees , teaching lessons etc; like activities enable people to get quick relief.

Notwithstanding awareness, mental boldness, modern and innovative medical methods , the only exclusive and potent weapon is to notice in initial stage to wage a war against cancer successfully. No one can do any thing when cancer cells spread to the entire body, in which case it is barest veracity that the lease of life can only be extended and life as such cannot be saved.

It is very easy to notice breast cancer in the initial stage since changes in breast can be quickly noticed. It need not be a concern when a lump noticed in breast. Many changes take place in breast prior to menstruation days, in brest feeding women and in menopausal stage.

It is certainly a serious concern if stagnant lump is growing , stable and hard without pain. Every woman right from the age of 20 must test her breasts while bathing. Apart from self testing , ultrasound, Mammogram like screening tests, and if doubt persists MRI,BIOPSY like tests are compulsory after 30 years of age. The cyst can be detected even when it is minuscule in size with these screening tests.

Tests are to be regularly conducted when breast cancer victims are more in close relatives, blood relations. People without any risk also must undergo screening tests once at the age of 40, once in every couple of years between 40-50 years, yearly once after 50 years of age to find lumps in initial stage so that lumps alone can be removed with Masectomy with out touching other parts.

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