Global head of Brahma Kumaris, Rajyogini Dadi Janki in full spiritual glow
Global head of Brahma Kumaris, Rajyogini Dadi Janki in full spiritual glow

Hyderabad: Rajyogini Dadi Janki, who is just back from international travel, would be inaugurating the Versatile Service Facility to Specialised Groups called “Inner Space” at Shanti Sarovar in Gachibowli as part of Golden Jubilee celebrations on Sunday.

The 102-year-old administrative head of worldwide Brahma Kumaris centres will also meet heads of different cross sections of the people in Hyderabad on the occasion and address a public meeting in the evening. She is considered the most powerful spiritual leader in the country. She acquired the extraordinary spiritual talents through Rajyoga meditation.

Dadi was received at the airport by the Chairman of State Legislative Council Swamy Goud. Later she visited the Shanti Sarovar at Gachibowli and went round the premises. Talking to The Hans India she gave a message of peace and said “You will achieve everything. The divine showers grace on all.” Dadi, it may be mentioned is the global chief of the world’s largest women administered spiritual organisation. 

She is an internationally renowned spiritual personality and patron of rights and humanity. Dadi is an exemplary model of caring, sharing and compassionate leader. The Director of Shanti Sarovar, Brahma Kumaris, Gachibowli sister Kuldeep will receive the Brahma Kumaris head at Shanti Sarovar on Sunday morning.  

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