Otolaryngologists’ meet exhibits India’s prowess
Otolaryngologists’ meet exhibits India’s prowess

Kondapur: Dr B Karunakar Reddy, the Vice-Chancellor of Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences, has lauded the efforts of the doctors in organising a international conference which served as a platform of great learning.  

Speaking as the chief guest at the 14th Asia Oceania ORL HSN Congress and the 71st National Conference of Otolaryngologists of India, Dr Karunakar said it was a great platform to learn from live surgical workshops. 

Dr Karunakar, who is also a surgeon, recalled how by watching experts in the respective fields, he learnt laparoscopy which is a recent advancement. 

He said the Telangana government has initiated the ENT screening programme for whole of Telangana people, which was laudable as it wouldrecord  the data of its population in the ENT area of the entire State and steps to take for their wellness.   

The 14th Asia Oceana ORL HSN Congress and the 71stNational Conference of Otolaryngologists of India meet began on January 9. Besides performing live surgeries, discussions on the latest advancements made in the ENT were held. 

To create further awareness on pollution titled ‘War Against Pollution, “A Walkathon from Hi-Tec to Hitex venue was organized on Friday which was flagged off by Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar, who was the chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, he expressed gratitude to the organizers and NGO Sanofi for taking the lead in war against pollution. He urged the ENT surgeons to initiate many more programmes to prevent pollution and promised all support to help them from the department of police. 

The walkathon was organised to raise awareness on the need to fight pollution. According to Dr Manish Gupta, organising treasurer, the conference showcased at least 10 surgeries related to ear, nose and throat specially in the area of cochlear implants for the deaf, mute and children.

Dr D Dwarakanath Reddy, convener, 14th Asia Oceana ORL HSN Congress, in his welcome address, said it was laudable effort for holding the conference in India as the organizers can showcase to the world how much India has developed since the last Congress and also to demonstrate high level of academic skill which Indians have known for. Such types of conferences are a major glory of the intellectual life of the nation. 

On the occasion, they recalled the contributions of Dr. LHL Hiranandani and Dr S K Kacker that led to the second Congress being held in India at Hyderabad after 1987 Asia Oceania which was held in New Delhi. The participants included a lady from Thailand, who attended the conference 13 out of 14 times. Theconference is held once every four years.

Dr Sheng Po Hao, Taiwan President, Asia Oceania ORL HNS, Dr Kaushal Sheth, Dr Chen Chi Wng, Dr D Dwarakanath Reddy, Dr TV Krishna Rao were also present. 

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