Keeping fit can be fun swears Bollyfit expert

Keeping fit can be fun swears Bollyfit expert

Hyderabad: Bollyfit dance helps boost metabolism by burning up calorie and also burning muscle tissue, says Reema as she starts the session. A die-hard fan of Bollywood numbers, the founder of Bollyfit dance, a fusion of fitness moves, aerobics, a high energy dance mix, with cardio kickboxing, bhangra, hip-hop, jazz moves, synchronised to fast-paced Bollywood music at 200 beats per minute is the fastest in the fitness industry globally. 

What makes it fun is the fact that one burns calories even without knowing it, she avers. Reema has definitely glamorized fitness to make it more entertaining through fusion dance. There is a newfound interest in fitness be it a youngster or a middle-aged, poor of a millionaire.  “Bollyfit is part of it as we know bollywood dance and music is popular and also fitness is very popular so we have mixed this and made it Bollyfit.”

According to her, typically in a Bollyfit class, if you have an intense class of 5-6 hours, then you can burn up to 500 calories per class and age is not a factor, anyone can do this fusion dance and no gender differentiation. She learnt Bharatanatyam in childhood and recently trained in Kathak, as it also helps in keeping fit, “but personally I love Bollywood.”  I love visiting Hyderabad, it is the third time here. 

David Jude of Inspire gym says, “We have an exclusive gym for women so that they can train without inhibitions. Reema is an inspirational figure in the today fitness world and she has done two workshops with us even before. An 18-year-old to a 50-year-old woman were part of the training session.

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