​How to prepare up for a trip​

​How to prepare up for a trip​

​Going for a trip? don\'t worry Here is pocketnewsalert.com list how to pack your suitcase efficiently​​.Packing your bag is very easy when you plan ahead by following ​pocketnewsalert.com tips given below.

Packing your bag is very easy when you plan ahead by following ​pocketnewsalert.com tips given below. Before you pack your bag you must go according to the Location, weather and activities you have decided. You must include medical, toiletries and expensive things such as jewelry in a separate bag.

- You must decide what clothes you are gonna take. Example Shirts, Dresses, Underwear, Socks, Sandals Pants, Hat etc

- Personal items like OTC Medications, Lotion, Lip Balm, Sunglasses, Sunscreen etc

- Snacks like Fruit, Water bottle etc

- Electronics things like Phone, Camera, Music player etc

- Miscellaneuos things like Blanket, Towel, Beach Bag, Equipment, Book or Magazines etc

1 You must check the weather before you go at your destinations

2 You must plan each day in advance this will help you to decide how many clothes and which types of clothes you are taking and you will be comfortable with your trip.

3 You must put large and heavy clothing at the bottom of your Suitcase this will make yourself easier to find items in your bag

4 Pack several lightweight layers as this work well both in hot and cold weather as you can add more if you are too cold, and take some off if you are too hot.

5 You must put your shoes in a plastic bag because when you wear them your other clothes doesn​'​t get dirty.

6 Use creases and gaps to place underwear. Fit the underwear and socks down the sides once the case is full. This will make sure that you dont fill up valuable space in the middle.

​By Napson Fernandes
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