I heal people

I heal people

Clown Shiven, who entralled Hyderabadi youngsters recently, has been entertaining one and all for the past 37 years. In an interview, he opens up and...

Clown Shiven, who entralled Hyderabadi youngsters recently, has been entertaining one and all for the past 37 years. In an interview, he opens up and talks about his life and accomplishments

Purnima Sriram

A clown's life story is always under cover. He always wears a mask of happiness and joy and spreads it to all. Here is a story of a clown who made millions of people around the world laugh at his simple, childish acts yet memorable.A Clown Shiven, a celebrity clown from Germany who performed at the DWIH- Excellence on Tour in Hyderabad was an actor, journalist and a teacher before he could become a clown. He had lost his father when he was five in a very ugly war. For few years he had lost the joy and happiness in his life and one day when he was eight years old, he had gone to a circus and fell in love with the clown who spreads joy and happiness.


"After seeing the clown performing and making people laugh, I realised that war, hatred are all not worth. Life is about making people happy and creating harmony in the world," said the clown. I wanted to become a clown from the day I watch the performance of the clown. While I started growing, I forgot about my dream and ambition and was in various fields," said the clown.

The childhood dream of Shiven which was forgotten with the growing times was rediscovered in India. "Once my wife, my brother and I were walking along the beach in India and through deep meditation and relaxation, I re discovered my childhood dream of becoming a clown. I told my ex-wife about it. She immediately said stop dreaming about it and become one. From then I was talking, writing and dreaming of becoming a clown," he expressed.

"All my colleagues and people whom I met always told me that it was a shame that I am not a clown. I had the instinct in me. I went to libraries and started to read books on famous clowns and jokers. Sadly there were only three or four auto biographies on clowns. One was on Charlie Chaplin and three more on other very famous clowns. I was inspired by them and for nine months I was learning and also struggling to become a clown," he evinced.

When asked about his first performance, he answered that his first performance was in a kindergarden school. "I love performing for children and also at old age homes as old people are children again. I also use music to make them happy. Music is a heart opener. I compose songs on the spot and sing it for them and watch them laugh at it. It's a kind of pleasure to make people laugh and spread joy. When I was an actor for 15 years, I used to earn 10,000 Euros but when I became a clown, I just received 60 Euros for my first performance. I felt disheartened with such a less pay but I worked hard, raised my standards and it took long for me to build my value," he added.

"My father wanted me to become a doctor when he bid goodbye to us. My sister became a doctor but I couldn't. I always had regrets but after becoming a clown, I look up to my dad and say I have become a doctor. I heal people in my own way," he shared.

When asked about his bonding with India, he shared that India had always been special to him. He worked in German Culture Centre in Kolkata (MMB) from 1998-1999 and came back in 2001 to perform at a cultural fest. He had performed at Gandhi's ashram and also at Mother Theresa's ashram. "I once dreamt that I was performing in Mother Theresa's ashram and after a few months, I got an opportunity to perform in her ashram. I had once read her quote that 'shortest distance is a smile' which inspired me a lot. I composed a song saying 'Your smile creates world peace, look at me now�' I was Chennai in last August for the Indo-German event and also visited Pune. I have come to Hyderabad after 41 years. There is a lot of change here. I like the Indian Army a lot," he expressed.

The best moment of his life was when a five year old Afghani refugee girl in Germany went up to him after the performance and said that she knew who the clown was. A He was surprised and asked him who he was. She replied that he was a human and he was just wearing a mask to make people laugh. "I was taken aback for a moment. I felt that I was a human being at the first and I just invite people to my fantasy world. The words of that girl touched my heart. I will always remember those words and strive become a better human being with every passing day.That is most memorable moment of my life," he shared.

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