Three cheers to female readers

Three cheers to female readers

The choice of books this week is specifically targeted at the female audience. 'How to Enchant a Man' by Ellen Dugan is very unlike its name. The...

amritha rajThe choice of books this week is specifically targeted at the female audience. 'How to Enchant a Man' by Ellen Dugan is very unlike its name. The authoress Ellen Dugan actually calls herself a "garden witch" and the book is full of these cute rhymes and rituals which one ought to use to cast a "spell" on one's man. Strangely though, the writer begins her book stating that spells cast with a clear heart do indeed work their magic but I like how the writer states that love is in fact the greatest magic there is.

The next book is along the same lines and is called 'How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It'. The book has been jointly written by Patricia Love and Steven Stosny, both doctorates in psychology and perhaps that's why they have such a command over their subject. Yet to be able to understand the intricacies of the human mind, perhaps even a doctorate isn't enough, especially when one talks in terms of relationships. Romantic relationships, to be specific.

chikenThe book states that if any dating or married couple wants to improve their relationship, they should follow the theory of ICAP. In the sense improve, connect, appreciate and protect the relationship. If you are angry with your partner, one should immediately take steps to "improve" the equation be it by browsing through old photos or mails or listing out the good points of one's partner. Anything that will get them into a good frame of mind, which alone can greatly "improve" a given situation. Many a times, both partners in a relationship hardly read the same book to help improve a relationship, so if even one person puts in the effort, it goes a long way.

The final chapter in this book has something called the 'Power Love Formula' which is a four step formula designed to keep a couple together. The first step is to "Fix Your Partner Firmly in Your Heart During Four Crucial Times of the Day". This is more since, amid our hectic work schedules, one can almost forget one's commitment towards one's partner and that is said to be the primary reason behind flirting and the concept of an office spouse.

Next, one ought to "hug one's partner six times a day for six seconds" This might seem a bit loony except that human beings are habit oriented, so if you incorporate hugs into one's routine, one will be far happier. The last two points of the 'love formula' is to hold positive thoughts about your relationship and to make a contract to hand out love with compassion and generosity.

The contract may include doing things that your partner enjoys, be it going out for coffee or simply running errands for them. Quite a formula, indeed! The final book being reviewed today is 'Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Soul'.

This book makes an ideal gift for a new mom and perhaps if you are on very good terms with her, you can probably even gift it to your mom-in-law. Like all books in the Chicken Soup series, even this one stands tall being an awesome collection of heart warming mother and son stories.

Among people of new generation, maintaining relationships are a difficult task. Here are a few books to help you understand the magic of love, be it between mother and son or a young couple

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