Best out of waste

Best out of waste

Have you ever thought what can be done with the pile of newspapers we usually sell to the “Raddiwala”? If you did then here’s the answer, waste and...

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Have you ever thought what can be done with the pile of newspapers we usually sell to the “Raddiwala”? If you did then here’s the answer, waste and old newspapers can be turned into paper baskets, paper boxes, containers and many more. All one has to do is make a mash out of the paper and give it a desired shape and size then decorate it as per one’s will and wish. Every old and used item at home can be reused and recycled.

Students of Chaitanya Vidyalaya

A pretty chain of beads can be made by just rolling waste paper. Creative and colourful stationery holders can be made from empty plastic bottles, utility containers from ice-cream sticks, funny paper-weights from pebble stones, fancy fish mobile hangings from old CDs and a lot more. Beautiful flower vases can be made out of old glass bottles lying useless at home. Paint the broken glass frames and turn them into picturesque pieces of art. Use your waste bird-cage as the best decor ever. For a cozy look, light up some candles and your best out of waste decor is ready. Immense fun can be attained by making the best use out of the waste material. Like a road turns by itself even thoughts go on by themselves. This is the best time-pass done which provides little kids with eternal bliss. Junk can be turned into creative pieces of art. As George Kneller rightly quoted, “Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Hence, to think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.”

Unused bottles turned into stationary holders

“Art & Craft has always been my passion. I started as a hobby at home and later went on to teach at reputed schools. To see the happiness and smile on my students’ faces is my best reward,” says Hoofrish Jehangir Bisney, Art and Craft teacher, Chaitanya Vidyalaya. Art and Craft is a lot more than just passing one’s time. It provokes creativity and imagination to a level that is apparently unimaginable. By making the best use out of the waste material thrown aside at home, children can also make the best use of the time they generally spend staring at the idiot box. The SUPW (socially useful productive work) at school will endow children with more enhanced ideas of creativity. Encourage your kids and engage them in all such activities which will further improve their skills, boost up their imagination and will leave their innocent minds with a creative tinge.

Chains made out of old newspapers

Many kids today possess hobbies such as painting, drawing, sketching, art etc. Every such extracurricular activity has its own significance. Calling it being out of the box could be a mere folly. The inclusion of art and craft in a child’s day could be the second side of the coin and outdoor games the other. To our surprise, art of the day can be made out of the leftovers at home which also satisfies the two R’s (reuse and recycle) of your science text book.

A paper swan

The perception of making the best use out of the waste keeps homes tidy and pleasant. It also serves as a good pastime leaving everyone associated with it content. Undoubtedly, kids love indulging in such worthwhile activities!

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