Dos and Don'ts of Workout during Pregnancy

Dos and Donts of Workout during Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with lots of excitement, responsibilities and yes, it invites so many expenses too

Pregnancy comes with lots of excitement, responsibilities and yes, it invites so many expenses too. These days, couples keep their finances in check while planning families, as these expenses could cost you an arm and a leg. Hence, raising a child needs a strong financial back-up, which can be provided through maternity insurance. To find an adequate cover, you can approach a reliable health insurance comparison website that helps you find the right plan. Let's not dig into details and quickly switch to the main topic.

Let's get Right to It...

The second most important thing that needs your attention is how active you're while conceiving. You should be both mentally and physically active to give birth to a healthy child. You should keep an eye on your daily food intake and nutrition level, and choose vitamin-enrich foods. Above all, opt for the right type of exercises.

Yes, you heard it right. It is high time to break the stereotype that pregnant women shouldn't work out. Even being active throughout this period will lead to the delivery of a healthy child. It is true that pregnancy brings lots of changes into a woman's body. If you're a regular gym goer or have been active throughout, before the pregnancy, you can continue with your regular exercises routine, unless your doctor says otherwise. With the progress of the pregnancy, your health advisor will suggest what to do and what not to.

Dos and Don'ts of Workouts during Pregnancy

Like an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay, a regular exercise routine keeps pregnancy-discomfort at bay. Physical activities are largely endorsed by health experts these days. Keeping the prevalent health complicacies, workload and surrounding stress in mind, it is imperative to lead an active life while conceiving. By following a few-minutes workout regime daily, you can make labour more bearable. However, whatever exercise you're doing, you should keep the below things in mind:

Let's consider the DO's first:

  • Do Seek Doctor's Guidance

Before start doing any exercise or joining a gym, do consult your doctor to avoid any potential complicacies. The thumb rule to avoid complications is to keep your doctor in the loop. Pregnancy exercises are different and should only do as per your doctor's advice. Moreover, whether or not you were active before conceiving will influence the type of exercise that suits you during pregnancy.

  • Do Emphasise on Core Exercises

It is important to fortify your core muscles, which will build more support for your spine in the developing stage of the baby. Breathing exercises help you strengthen these core muscles. Furthermore, work on strengthening chest, back, biceps, shoulders, as these all will be put together to help you bring the baby out.

  • Do Hydrate

Drink enough water, especially before and after working out. Water helps carry the nutrients throughout the body and passes it to the baby as well. It also keeps certain pregnancy-related issues at bay.

  • Do Learn to Adapt

Things change with pregnancy, even if it is an exercise. Your workout routine changes a lot when you're conceiving. If you love running before pregnancy, you'll have to slow down the speed or opt for a different activity. With every passing phase of pregnancy, you will need to adjust your exercise routine as well. Well, it is for your benefit after all.

  • Do Manage Stress

Stress can lead to premature birth, abnormal birth weight, and other problems with the fetal development. Too much stress contributes to fatigue, lost control, etc. which could be very harmful. Take proper sleep, good food and do meditation if possible. You should consult your doctor if the stress level increases.

Well, we can't ignore the Don'ts either:

  • Don't Lie on Your Back

With a progressive stage of pregnancy, lying on your back should be avoided. If you do such exercises, it places too much pressure on the spine and blood vessels that carry oxygen to your heart. Exhausting yourself could be dangerous in this phase.

  • Don't Involve in High-intensity Workout

Certain high-intensity workouts, such as squash, kickboxing etc. should be avoided until and after a few week of the delivery. Also, avoid exercises where the chances of falling are higher. Instead, do normal activities like brisk walking, jogging etc., which involve no or lesser risk of losing balance.

  • Don't Hold Your Breath

Holding your breath while exercising if you're pregnant can be risky for the baby. Instead, you should go for breathing exercises, particularly you can do yoga.

Why is Exercise Suggested?

Not ony is workout safe and sound while you are pregnant, it also reduces many pregnancy-related discomforts and lessens the labour pain. It has many health benefits during pregnancy.

  • It reduces constipation, bloating, backaches and swelling
  • It may prevent gestational diabetes
  • Boosts your energy level
  • Reduces mood swings
  • Improves your body posture
  • Improves muscle tone, strength, and endurance
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Reduces pregnancy-related stress
  • With an active life, you can stay fit and improve your stamina to cope with labour
  • Helps get back in shape after delivering a baby

Some Easy-to-follow Tips while Exercising

Make sure you adhere to these tips while exercising:

  • Ensure that you wear loose clothes with a good supportive innerwear
  • Choose footwear from a good brand that supports your feet to the fullest
  • Choose a flat surface to exercise to avoid injury
  • Eat sufficient calories to meet the needs of your body during pregnancy, in line with your workout regime.
  • Prefer eating at least one hour before exercising. Give importance to pregnancy nutrition
  • Drink as much water as you can during and after your workout.
  • Do floor exercises carefully and avoid getting up instantly; take your time and slowly get up. This way you can avoid dizziness.

Summing it Up!

Motherhood is the most beautiful phase a woman's life. Well, it comes with lots of add-on responsibilities and the most important one is to take care of your health. When maternity insurance helps you mitigate the expenses arising out of a complicated situation, by following a healthy lifestyle you can avoid those emergencies. Be active and flaunt your baby bump with a style.

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