Broadband: Choose the Best Router for the Best Connectivity

Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi Router 


High-speed broadband internet plans are not enough you also need a router that supports the type of speed or connectivity you want

Nowadays, due to pandemic, everyone is working from home, kids are taking online classes from home; we are dependent on the internet. Earlier the regular router would work with a high-speed internet plan, and now it's a history. Along with the time technology has also changed. Internet routers are not just routers. They are the lifeline for people who earn their livelihoods through the internet. 4K streaming and online HD gaming have changed the needs of people out of their routers. So a high-speed broadband internet plan which can support all the onerous internet requirements of today needs a router which can withhold the connectivity. There are multiple devices connected to a Wi-Fi router at different distances. To satisfy the needs of every device efficiently creates load for a router. That results in buffering and frequent network disconnections. Follow these few tips.

Know the Extendibility and Range You Need

Before getting a good router, you need to understand the extendibility and range that you need. If you have a big house, then choose a Wi-Fi router that will be able to send signals throughout your home. But with the help of an extension, you can also connect to the other part of your house and give you high speed. Routers with broad internet coverage give you good connectivity and gigabit speed support.

802.11n Router Option

There was the 802.11g/a router before the 802.11n router. Now it can support speeds up to 60 Mbps. For someone who is looking to stream in 4K and go for HD online gaming, this isn't enough at all. However, with the 802.11n router, you can get speeds up to 600 Mbps which good enough for heavy internet usage when more than one device is connected to the router.

802.11a/c Router Option

Nowadays we are able to get internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. But for this much speed, even the 802.11n router won't be sufficient. This is when we can look out for 802.11a/c router. This router can support speeds up to more than one gigabyte with ease. These routers are also called Gigabit router. With these routers, 4K streaming also won't be an issue. You can download things within seconds, and you will get to experience smooth internet. To this router, you can also connect multiple devices without any problems.

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