ChatGPT Presents Read Aloud Feature for Web and Mobile Versions

ChatGPT Presents Read Aloud Feature for Web and Mobile Versions

ChatGPT's new Read Aloud feature brings convenience by reading responses aloud in various languages on both web and mobile platforms.

OpenAI has launched the Read Aloud feature for ChatGPT, facilitating users to listen to responses in one of five voice options while on the go. This feature is now accessible on the web version of ChatGPT and its iOS and Android apps.

With Read Aloud, ChatGPT can vocalize text in 37 languages, automatically detecting the input language. Compatible with both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5, this feature showcases OpenAI's advancement in multimodal capabilities, following a trend set by competitors like Anthropic.

While ChatGPT previously offered voice chat capabilities introduced in September 2023, enabling users to interact verbally, the Read Aloud feature now extends to reading written responses aloud. Users have the option to configure ChatGPT to respond verbally by default.

Users can tap and hold text on mobile platforms to activate the Read Aloud player, granting control over playback functions such as play, pause, and rewind. The web version features a speaker icon beneath the text, indicating the availability of the Read Aloud feature.

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