Dish TV long -term recharge offers 30 days of extra entertainment

Dish TV long -term recharge offers 30 days of extra entertainment

  • Dish TV subscribers can avail 30 days of free service on 11 months Recharges
  • D2h is also offering a long-term recharge benefit which gives up to 30 days of extra service

The operators of DTH, Dish TV and D2h, try to attract the consumer's attention by launching new offers from time to time. Previously, D2h launched a long-term recharge offer and provided up to 150 days of free service to subscribers. Now, Dish TV has presented a similar offer; though Dish TV does not offer an additional five-month subscription, it offers 30 days of additional recharge for free. Dish TV subscribers who choose a plan for 11 months or more will be eligible for 30 days of free additional service. To remember, D2h is providing an additional five-month service to recharge the same plan for 55 months. At this time, Dish TV users can take advantage of the bonus subscription offer by recharging through the company's website or mobile application. Also, there is no information on when Dish TV will pull off this offer.

Dish TV long-term plan details

It should be noted that to enjoy the benefits of the long-term plan, subscribers will have to buy a Dish TV subscription for at least three months, after which they will receive seven additional days of credit. Then, when you buy a six-month long-term subscription, you can enjoy an additional 15 days of DTH subscription. In addition, Dish TV has announced that users who purchase a long-term plan of 11 months or more will get a free full month or 30 additional days in their plan. These subscribers will also enjoy the additional benefit of a free service visit. This supplement would mean that if you take a long-term subscription plan of 11 months or more, then you need not to pay for a service visit in case you have a problem with your connection during the subscription period.

It is also important to take note of some points that Dish TV has noticed about the new offer. The DTH provider has also made it clear that the long-term plans will only be applicable to the new channels tariff and packs.

D2h similar long-term plan offer

It is worth noting that D2h subscribers will enjoy similar benefits on the purchase of long-term plans, but will have more options in this regard. While the benefits of long-term plans will be limited to 30 days for Dish TV users, D2h users will also be able to take advantage of many additional days of subscription. In addition to the three blocks mentioned above, D2h users will receive 60 additional days in 22 months of subscription, 90 days in 33 months of subscription, 120 days in 44 months of subscription and 150 days in a long-term subscription of 55 months.

In addition, both D2h and Dish TV have launched an all-in-one package for their subscribers considering the cricket season. The platforms have launched a service that subscribers can buy through their selections of existing channels. Using this service, you will be able to see the three cricket formats: ODI, T20 and test matches. This service has been called 'India Cricket Service' on Dish TV and 'India Cricket' on D2h.

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