Instagram Introduces Message Editing Feature

Instagram Introduces Message Editing Feature

Instagram users can now edit their direct messages within 15 minutes of sending them, easing the pain of typos and phrasing errors.

Meta's latest update for Instagram brings relief to users who've sent DMs with typos or awkward phrasing. Now, within 15 minutes of sending a message, users can edit it directly. Previously, the only option was to delete the entire message.

To edit a DM, press and hold the message and select "Edit" from the dropdown menu. The edited message will display "Edited" in the conversation, alerting the recipient to changes. However, users should still tread carefully, as the original message may have already been noticed.

This feature mirrors the editing functionality introduced on Messenger a few months ago, showcasing Meta's commitment to enhancing user experience across its platforms. While cross-platform messaging between Instagram and Messenger is no longer available, both apps share similar features.

Additionally, users can now toggle read receipts, pin chats, and respond with various media types, offering greater flexibility in communication.

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