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Google News India: Latest Updates Of Google Maps

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Rahul just received a mail that he needs to attend an interview for the company which is located in Manikonda, Hyderabad.

Thus, let us see the chat of Rahul and his friend Hari…

Rahul: Hi Hari…

Hari: Hi Rahul… How are you???

Rahul: I'm good… Just received a mail that I need to attend an interview for *** company located in Manikonds

Hari: Wow congrats dude…

Rahul: Thanks yaar! But I need help from you…

Hari: Tell your problem yaar…

Rahul: I will share you the company address, can you clearly explain me the address of that company?

Hari: Rahul… You need not to worry when you have Google Maps in your mobile

Rahul: Thanks yaar! Forgot about this!!! Will definitely on the app and go accordingly.

This is not just the situation of Rahul… Even most of us use Google Maps to locate the address easily. This app has become a part of our daily lives these days.

On the occasion of 15th anniversary of Google Maps, the makers have come up with a set of new features… Have a look!


This new option in this app will make you know what all new places are added in their area. Be it a restaurant, park or any other new place, all of them will be displayed on the screens. When it comes to pubs, restaurants and gaming zones, even the ratings will also be shown on the screen.


This is also same to the explore option, but here you need to browse the new locations or places in this app.


Wanna know the live traffic status???


Wanna find an easy route for your destination???

These two options arepossible through this app… Yes! You can even save your daily route and check the status of the live traffic and reach happily to your destination.


Daily we travel to many destinations but a few places definitely touch our hearts we feel to visit them again and again. To make your wish true, you can save the location in 'Saved' tab and remember the location for years together. You can even share the location to your friends and dearones as well.


Not only witnessing the beautiful locations through this app but you can alsomake your favourite or new location witnessed by others by adding it to the 'Contribute' tab. This makes others also to find the way to reach that location.

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