These are the ways through which Google knows everything about you

These are the ways through which Google knows everything about you

Google is part of people’s lives. Whether it's basic Internet activities to watch videos or use their services for travel, people trust Google perhaps more than any other tech company.

Google has actually become a verb a lot of time. It may virtually know more about you than what you really do about yourself. It is very important to note that most of the things you know are only after you give them permission to do so. In addition, you can track everything that Google knows about you and, if you feel uncomfortable, there is always the option to disable the "permissions". Unlike other tech companies (we are seeing Facebook), it also takes users' security about personal data very seriously. Still, it is important to know.

Here we list, the ways in which Google knows "everything" about you.

1. Through Google search: Anything you've searched on Google

There is no if about this. Whatever it is and whenever you have searched on Google, the tech giant knows it through its search engine. To disable this option, go to the My Google activity page and click on the "Web & App activity".

2. Through Maps location function: Wherever you have travelled to

Google Maps has a timeline feature that keeps track of each place you've been using the application. This works only if you have your location history is activated. It also knows which are your most frequent-visited places.

3. Through Play Store: The number of applications you have downloaded on an Android phone

If you have ever used an Android phone, you will probably have downloaded applications. Google knows each and every one of the applications that you have downloaded and on which device.

4. Through Play Store: All the applications you've searched

Google knows what apps you searched for in your Play Store, even if you have not downloaded them.

5. Through Google Photos: How many images have you clicked and stored

Google knows what images you clicked on, but only if you use the Google Photos service.

6. Through Google Chrome: All websites that you have browsed and visited on any device

Google's Chrome browser is the most popular in the world. Whenever you've signed in to Chrome on any device, Google will know which sites you visited

7. Through Android: The phone model and the number of devices you have used

Yes, any Android phone that you have used and Google knows what it was, and also what was the name/number of the model.

8. Through Gmail: What conversations and emails have you exchanged

It's fascinating and scary to see how many conversations you've had in Gmail over the years. But through Gmail, Google is tracking each conversation.

9. Through Gmail: The people you talk to the most or contact you the most frequently

If you have backed up your contacts with your Gmail account, Google knows who these people are and also who they interact with most frequently.

10. Through YouTube: The number of videos you've seen in a month

As with most Google services/applications, if you've kept the activity tracker on YouTube, Google knows how many videos you've seen in a month.

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