Instagram's 'Restrict' Feature Helps to Fight Cyber Bullying

Instagrams Restrict Feature Helps to Fight Cyber Bullying

The Restrict feature enables you to keep the bully out of your account finally.

Instagram announced a new feature called Restrict, which helps you to bar a user who drops unsolicited, abusive or offensive messages on your posts. Instagram was testing this feature for a while now and has finally started rolling out this feature to all its users.

You can't ban the user, but using the Restrict feature "comments on your posts from a restricted person will only be visible to that person," says Instagram. You can opt to view comments by the restricted person by tapping "See Comment". Now you have the liberty to approve the comment to be visible to everyone, delete it, or just let it stay invisible to all.

To use the Restrict feature swipe left on a comment, through the Privacy tab in Settings, or directly on the profile of the account you want to restrict.

Once you have restricted a user, you will not receive any notifications for comments from them, says Instagram. Moreover, the direct messages from the restricted user will move automatically to Message Request; notifications are also not received for that particular messages.

You can view the Direct Messages from the restricted user, but the user will not be able to see when you've read their direct messages or when you are online on Instagram. You can select "Unrestrict" the account and future messages will go directly to your inbox.

The Restrict feature comes along with the Report and Block features that Instagram already offers. With Restrict, any comment on your post from a bully is shadowed. Anyhow with the Block feature, you can completely keep the bully out of your account. They can't look you up, and they can't directly message you or comment on your posts.

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