Android 13 is coming to Google Pixel phones today

Android 13 is coming to Google Pixel phones today

Android 13 officially started rolling out to Google Pixel devices today. Google's major OS update is a bit early this year.

Android 13 officially started rolling out to Google Pixel devices today. The company made an announcement that the latest iteration of Android will come to devices from Asus, HMD (Nokia mobiles), iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Samsung Galaxy, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, Vivo, Xiaomi and others later this year. year. This year, Google was way ahead of schedule to release Android 13 since Android 12 started arriving on Pixel phones in October. As expected, the latest version comes with a range of new features to give users more customization options.

Google says Android 13 comes with an evolved look and feel that's based on Material You, the company's standard design language across the Android ecosystem. Users will now be able to customize non-Google apps to match the smartphone's theme and wallpaper. The latest UI blends the app icons with the wallpaper for a universal look. Android 13 also allows users to assign a specific language to individual apps. Previously, it was necessary to change the language settings of the entire phone. On the other hand, Apple allows users to change the font size for each app.

Google is also enhancing a feature that helps users sleep better. Android 13 brings a custom bedtime mode with wallpaper dimming and a dark theme. These display options will help users' eyes adjust to the dark when they are about to go to bed.

Regarding privacy, Android 13 now allows users to offer only selected photos instead of the entire library for an app to work. A similar feature is already there on iPhones since iOS 14. Another addition is the automatic deletion of personal details on the clipboard. The company says: "If you copy sensitive data like your email address, phone number or login credentials on your device, Android will automatically clear your clipboard history after a period of time."

Android 13 is getting some tweaks to improve media consumption. Pixel phones will now get spatial audio support for a better sound experience while using compatible headphones. Android 13 embraces Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio and a new Bluetooth audio standard that delivers lower latency than classic audio.

Android 13 for tablets is also getting an updated taskbar that allows users to see all apps at once and easily drag and drop any app into their library in split-screen mode. The software will understand the touch of the palm and the stylus better. This is mainly to prevent accidentally missed marks.

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