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For representational purpose


Days after the new iOS and iPadOS updates, Apple began rolling out a new beta update for iOS 15.4. A new set of iPhone emojis arrives with the iOS 15.4 update, and this is how they will look.

Days after the new iOS and iPadOS updates, Apple began rolling out a new beta update for iOS 15.4. The iOS 15.3 update was mainly about the bug fixes for Safari browsing history to get rid of some malicious apps that had the power to gain root privileges. However, apple's next update will bring a ton of new features to the iPhone, including the ability to unlock the phone via Face ID, even while wearing a mask, Universal Control, and several other features. And, to make your chats even more lively, new iPhone emojis will be implemented. In fact, very soon, users will get all-new iPhone emojis. This includes 37 emojis and 75 additions of skin tones.

In particular, Emojipedia has published a list of emojis that your iPhone will get with the iOS 15.4 update. The new emoji panel includes heart-shaped hands, a person with a crown, low battery, melted face, mirror disco ball, pointing finger, pregnant man, multiracial handshake, and many more. The new set of emojis coming in this beta for iOS 15.4 is derived from the September 2021 Unicode Recommendations: Emoji 14.0, which is the list of the latest emojis suggested for release. You should note that emojis are not yet available to all iPhone users as they are part of the beta version. Still, they are scheduled to be available on all Apple devices once new releases complete their development period at the end of this year. Unfortunately, that means you have to wait to use these exciting new emojis.

List of emojis that will come to the iPhone

Melting Face Face with Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth Face with Peeking Eye Saluting FaceDotted Line Face Face with Diagonal Mouth Face Holding Back Tears Person with Crown Pregnant Person as well as Pregnant ManNew Hand Gestures - Rightwards Hand, Leftwards Hand, Palm Down Hand, Palm Up Hand, Hand with Index Finger and Thumb Crossed, Index Pointing at the Viewer, Heart Hands25 version of multiracial handshakes

What else will iPhone users get in the iPhone iOS 15.4 update iPhone Face ID unlock feature that works even if the user also has a mask on. The important thing is that now the user will not need an Apple Watch, which was previously necessary. Now with the iOS 15.4 update, there will be no need for Apple Watch as you will be able to unlock your iPhone with a mask on your face. The 'Face ID With a Mask' feature will only be supported on iPhone 12 and later, which is a bit disappointing for the rest of the iPhone user community in general.

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