Facebook Latest Privacy Features That You Must Know

Facebook Latest Privacy Features That You Must Know

Facebook has updated its Privacy Checkup tool with four latest features that enhance account security.

Facebook, the most widely used social media platform, has 2.45 billion monthly active users. Facebook has now updated its Privacy Checkup tool with four latest features that will boost account security and control how their information is being used.

Facebook launched the Privacy Checkup tool in 2014 and this week, and the new version has been rolled out. Check out what is new:

1. Who Can See What You Share

The new privacy feature 'Who Can See What You Share' will help the Facebook account holders to review who can see the information such as email address, the phone number mentioned in their profile. Users can also decide who can view the posts.

2. How To Keep Your Account Secure

Sometimes the password of your Facebook account is hacked, or someone is misusing your profile with your password. The 'How To Keep Your Account Secure' privacy feature will help users enhance the security of their profile by setting a stronger password. One can also turn on login alerts and get updates as and when someone login to their profiles.

3. How People Can Find You on Facebook

With this feature, profile holders can review who can search for them on Facebook and who all can send friend requests or add requests.

4. Your Data Settings on Facebook

The Data Settings feature will allow users to review the information they share with apps they have logged into Facebook. A person can remove the app if they are not using any more.

Privacy Checkup can be accessed by tapping on the question mark icon (?) on top right on Facebook's desktop site and scroll down to select Privacy Checkup.

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