Google Launches Three Apps to Ease Phone Addiction

Google Launches Three Apps to Ease Phone Addiction

These three apps are Activity Bubbles, Envelope and Screen Stopwatch.

We have always seen companies trying out new and engaging apps for games, social media, music, reading and many more; Google has rolled out three experimental apps have been rolled out that will help you cut back on your phone use.

These apps are Activity Bubbles, Envelope and Screen Stopwatch. These Apps are available on Google Play Store for free; these experimental Android apps reach their goals by making you feel guilty!

Activity Bubbles

After getting activated, the Activity Bubbles app will display a tiny bubble on the home screen. A new bubble is created every time you unlock the phone, and it will get bigger based on the time you spend on it. Hmm...Frustrating is it?

Screen Stopwatch

Whereas, Screen Stopwatch will let you know the real-time that you spend using the phone on the background of your home screen. This will make you feel embarrassed? Isn't it?


The two above apps will work as live-wallpapers for your device. The third and the weirdest app so far is Envelope. Want to know, why is it weirdest? Because this app makes the user print out an envelope in which you have to place your phone. The PDF has to be printed and then folded into the envelope that leaves the fingerprint sensor and camera module exposed. They can only answer or make calls or click pictures and record videos. Till the time temptation hits real bad, you have to tear off the envelope and take out the phone. This app will then let you know how much time you have spent on your phone the total time. As of now, it is available on the Pixel 3a.

"Once you've printed and folded our special pdf into an envelope it will turn your phone into a fundamental device which can only make and receive calls helping you focus on what's in front of you," says the app description. The printed buttons on the case light up subtly as part of "Envelope User Interface".

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