Yoga Day: Best Yoga Apps to stay fit and healthy

Yoga Day: Best Yoga Apps to stay fit and healthy

Luckily we have many yoga apps that come to your rescue on this Yoga Day.

Today is International Yoga Day 2019 and a lot of people might be interested in trying yoga at this time. It's not possible for everyone to go to a yoga class and the reason may be lack of time or even the high cost. Luckily we have many yoga apps that come to your rescue on this Yoga Day. The apps will help you with some fun asanas and the price details. Here are the best yoga apps that you can try right now. There are many apps which can assist you to start something new on this yoga day even if you are not keen or considering yoga regularly in everyday life.

Yoga Day: Apps that you can download on Android and iOS

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is not just a yoga application. It also helps you to get in shape, meditation or strength training and offers training plans accordingly. A different version of a yoga application and good for many people who just want to experience something new on Yoga Day.

Download Asana Rebel on Android or iOS (free download, Rs. 2,549 for three months for premium)

Breathe app on Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, then the Breathe application will help you to get distressed. The application is quite simple: it alerts you periodically during the day and asks you to follow the tactile instructions to breathe. This helps you reduce stress and it just takes time. An app that you will find useful every day not only on Yoga Day. Breathe is preinstalled on Apple Watch


Calm is one of the best meditation applications with many interesting features. It is a theme-based meditation which shows how to deal with anxiety, help you sleep better, etc. Meditation is the main part of yoga, but there is nothing that prevents you from taking it, even if you are not interested in yoga.

Download Calm on Android or iOS (free download, Rs. 4,000 per year)

Dog Down

If you don't find yoga interesting, then Down Dog might be the right choice for you. This yoga app ensures to bring new postures for you every time. The app fairly high rated in App Store and Google Play and has an interesting feature that adjusts the music according to your breathing.

Download Down Dog on Android or iOS (free download, Rs. 689 per month for premium)

Yoga Wave

Yoga Wave appeals both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners and is a great way of getting started with something new on International Yoga Day 2019. It adapts to your current fitness level and helps you learn and practice yoga. This app speciality is personalised yoga plans that feature videos for all the poses.

Download Yoga Wave on iOS (free download, Rs. 769 per month for a premium subscription)

Yoga Go

Yoga Go brings along diet plans which help you to get in shape. You can decide according to the fitness goal you have planned with Yoga Go. Healthy meal recipe is the main speciality of this app.

Download Yoga Go on iOS (free, Rs. 789 per month)

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