Congress Party Confirms The Candidate For The Upcoming MLC Elections???

Former MLC S Ramulu Nayak

Former MLC S Ramulu Nayak


The Congress party has almost finalized the candidates for the graduate MLC elections.

The Congress party has almost finalized the candidates for the graduate MLC elections. Former MLC S Ramulu Nayak has been nominated as the MLC constituency candidate for Nallagonda-Khammam-Warangal districts and former minister G Chinna Reddy has been nominated as the Rangareddy-Hyderabad-Mahabubnagar district constituency candidate. Even the names of OU student leader Koturi Manavatarai and former MLA and young leader Challa Vamsichand Reddy are also under final consideration. There is talk in Gandhi Bhavan circles that a final decision will be taken in a few days and the candidatures will be officially announced.

The Congress party has made a big effort to select the graduate MLC candidates. They received applications from before 2 months. 26 applications were received for Nallagonda and 24 for Rangareddy. As the applications were being processed, TJS president Kodandaram and house party leader Cheruku Sudhakar separately asked the TPCC leadership to support them in Nallagonda's place. The TPCC has appointed a committee headed by MLC Jeevan Reddy to decide on alliances. In a referendum held by the committee, a majority of leaders demanded that the Congress party remain in the ring. The Congress leadership has decided to contest in both the seats as the topleaders also expressed the same view during their meeting with Manikyam Tagore. With this, the TPCC has completed the application filtering process and sent three names for each position. All that remains is for the AICC to select one of the three and officially announce the candidates.

Social Equations And Experience

It seems that the Congress party has chosen the candidate on the basis of social equations and experience to allocate these two MLC tickets. According to Gandhi Bhavan sources, Ramulu Nayak was also selected as the candidate for the Nallagonda-Khammam-Warangal MLC constituency in the same vein. He left the ruling TRS and joined the Congress party during his two-year tenure as MLC. Despite his recognition as a tribal leader and a Telangana activist, the party did not give him a chance to contest in the Assembly and Parliamentary elections. Giving a chance to be an MLC in this context would be giving signs that there will a future in the Congress party. In addition, the MLC constituency has a large number of STs, including Lambadi graduates. The community also has significant votes in the forthcoming Nagarjunasagar Assembly constituency, where by-elections are to be held.

In view of all this, the Congress party is reportedly leaning towards Ramulu Nayak's candidature. AICC spokesperson Dr Dasoju Shravan, who was examined for this position, said that he decided to give a chance to latter as he was in-charge of Khairatabad Assembly constituency. The idea seems to be that the student leader, who is hoping for the same ticket, should avail the services of Manavatarai to the party and contest him in the coming elections. It seems that G. Chinna Reddy has been selected as the Rangareddy-Hyderabad-Mahabubnagar candidate on the basis of experience. It seems that the TPCC elders have come to a consensus to give Chinna Reddy a chance this time. Former MLAs Kuna Srisailam Goud and T. Ram Mohan Reddy, who were hoping for this ticket, are likely to drop out of the contest and Chinna Reddy's name is likely to be finalized from here onwards.

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