Dangerous growth of the cult of violence

Dangerous growth of the cult of violence

Dangerous growth of the cult of violence


Although it would be altruism to expect the world without strife or violence of all sorts, still that is the thing an ordinary human being longs for.

Although it would be altruism to expect the world without strife or violence of all sorts, still that is the thing an ordinary human being longs for. While the major superpowers are at bloody war today, India though not directly involved in the battle game, cannot be expected to be a mute spectator.

The ideal and appropriate world order no doubt should be a world with peace and harmony, absence of strife and enmity. Of late, due to high ambitions and deep prejudices of political leaders almost all over the world, initial dissent among them gradually culminates into differences, division and finally cut throat opposition to those who are on the other side of the fence. Such a situation should be tolerable to the extent that it doesn't become violent and extremism, terrorism and Jihadism should not be allowed to replace the peace.

All Constitutions of the world agree on one point, that is, peaceful coexistence by mutual respect for the sovereignty of individual countries. However, unfortunately all countries do not practice this common maxim. Mighty nations often are tempted to boss over the less mighty nations or take upon their equal nations to settle the score and establish their supremacy.

Today, the world is sitting on the volcano of world war as the Ukrainian crisis has led to the declaration of 'war' by Russia and its echo has reverberated in the battle cries of the US and NATO countries. At home, intolerance has assumed the height of group clashes, mass assaults and highest degree of acrimony leading to street fights.

Indeed, these are danger signals for both India as well as rest of the world. The obvious and only solution to such a self-destroying situation is the restraint and patience. It is easy to damage and destroy the fabric of the cohesive and peace-loving society, but it would be a herculean task to rebuild it after such a catastrophe. If India as sovereign and independent nation survives, its political culture of whatever hue will also survive. In the same manner, if the nations survive as cheerful , happy and peace loving societies, then only the world will survive.

The ideals and lofty principles are traditionally safeguarded by enactment of several laws. Still the crux of the matter is unconditional adherence to such laws by the people they are made for. Any deviations or disobedience to these laws under whatever pretexts or reservations would create serious law and order problem leading to chaos and ultimately anarchy.

Once the laws are enacted either by the parliament or state assembly, there is no escape for the people from their compliance. True, the courts are there to entertain and decide any grievances or disputes raised by a citizen or a government but at the end of the day the supremacy of law, also known as the Rule of Law, as may be determined by courts will prevail. This is the right spirit in which a society should conduct itself.


Bihar's former Chief Minister who is also a former Union Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav in a fifth case, known as Chara Ghotala (fodder scam) case involving Rs 950 crore, has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 60 lakh by a Special court for CBI cases in Ranchi. This is his fifth conviction and at least one more case has been pending in a Patna court. However, it is not known as to how a whopping sum of Rs 950 crore involved in this scam would be recovered.

The infamous minister had a charismatic career as a student leader and politician. Claiming to be a follower of Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan, the scamster successfully browbeat his rivals and occupied high political positions. He also formed a regional party by name Rashtriya Janata Dal which is the main opposition party in Bihar. His plea for leniency in the quantum of punishment citing his old age and ill health did not cut any ice with the court which imposed the punishment on February 21.


In a judgment that would guide the agencies like ACB and CBI on the cases under the Prevention of Corruption Act (PC Act), a division bench of the apex court comprising Justice Ajay Rastogi and Justice Abhay S Oka observed that the proof of demand of bribe by a public servant and its acceptance by him is sine quo non for establishing the offence under Section 7 of the PC Act.

Allowing the appeal of K Shanthamma against the State of Telangana on February 21, the court added that the failure of the prosecution to prove the demand for illegal gratification would be fatal and mere recovery of the amount from the person accused of the offence under Section 7 or 13 of the Act would not entail his conviction thereunder.


The division bench of Justice A Muhamed Mustaque and Justice Kauser Edappagath, while considering an appeal filed by a husband against a Family Court's verdict denying divorce to him, observed that a wife making discreet phone calls to another man even after her husband's objection amounts to 'matrimonial cruelty'.'

The husband had alleged that his wife was maintaining an illicit relationship before the marriage and even thereafter. To substantiate his allegation, he had submitted the phone call records. In turn, the wife had contended that calls were occasional and for official purposes. However, the High Court rejected wife's contention pointing out that the calls were frequent and even at odd hours. Further, she continued to make the calls despite the warning by the husband.


A defamation suit of Rs. 100 crore is filed by the Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech, a pharmaceutical company which developed Covid vaccine under the brand name COVAXIN, against the publisher of The Wire, and its editors and writers for writing denigrating articles against it.

After hearing the arguments of the plaintiff's counsel, the XVI Addl. District Judge RR district court granted an ad-interim injunction against the defendants and directed them not to publish any defamatory articles against the plaintiff company and its product COVAXIN till further orders. The court also directed the removal of as many as 14 defamatory articles from the website and internet.


Senior advocate of the Supreme Court of India Manan Kumar Mishra has been declared elected as the Chairman unopposed at the recently held elections of the Bar Council of India. He has broken his own record by getting elected for the 6th time. Earlier, eminent lawyer Ram Jethmalani had held the post of Chairman, BCI for a record four terms.

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