GHMC sets up virtual reality polling booth

Hyderabad: The right to vote is held as a sacred and privileged right, in any true democracy.

With the 2019 elections, just around the corner, this year we welcome a wave of first-time voters, with an initiative to introduce them to the practice of voting that will affect an increase in the voting percentage.

The initiative is as unique as it is unprecedented, making use of a dynamic new technology.

For the very first time in India, Virtual Reality technology is being used as a tool to engage and build awareness in first time voters and those with disabilities who have limited accessibility to information about how to vote.

  • The traditional modes of communication used in the past have ranged from flyers to
  • Posters to straight forward videos, and with the changing times, we have found
  • Ourselves in need of a powerful way to engage and educate the voting population.
  • The GHMC partnered with Virtual Raasta, a Hyderabad based VR solutions
  • Company, to accomplish this. The Virtual Reality polling booth is engaging,
  • Immersive and it holds your attention. It is a complete experience in VR detail with
  • Narration, and it was launched yesterday, on the 19th of March.
  • The Virtual Polling booth is a first of its kind initiative in India, and one of the first few
  • Examples of VR technology being used to build awareness about voting, in the world.


  1. Each booth is equipped with a few sets of Google Cardboards. All you do is hold it up to your eyes and experience a brightly colored 3D animated world that takes you through each step of voting, from arriving at the polling booth, registering yourself, casting your vote and then exiting.
  2. Holding the glasses to your eyes, you become the character in the VR video, standing in line, walking into the hall, meeting the various people there and casting your vote.
  3. A well-articulated narration, in the language of your choice – Telugu, Urdu and English, ensures you understand every step with maximum clarity.
  4. The highly immersive nature of VR technology has a winning advantage, and that is how it can keep a hold of a viewer's attention through every important detail that has to be conveyed.
  5. The first-time voter will have a chance for a virtual experience before the election day in a very vivid and entertaining way, that is sure to leave a deep impression of what to expect on the Election Day.
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